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  1. This was the best day ever. It took place last night when a small girl called Bridget -my best friend- was bouncing on her bed as usual, like always I hoped that I could join her but I don’t want to be cast out for the night ; I normally don’t chance it but tonight I was extremely bored. As I watched her, my head followed the uneven movement. Rudely destroying her enjoyment, her Mum came to tuck her in for tomorrow which the humans call Christmas. Strangely enough, her Dad wasn’t there. I had to find this man who was so special to Bridget, so I set off on my search. Upstairs out of the reflecting thing, I spotted a fairly familiar man.
    Why would anyone stay out in the freezing cold, building a mysterious mechanism? After a while, it appeared to be finished, but I still didn’t recognise anything about it. I may not know what it was but I figured it had to be for Bridget who was probably fast asleep by now- tired from bouncing on her bed for a long period of time- whilst I was sat down here ignoring the noisy human talk. It was getting dark now and I had searched my whole brain for what it was but I STILL didn’t have a clue! This was as irritating as a whole swarm of flies buzzing around you.
    From around the corner, sly intruders had stalked to this machine. How dare they! They crept up to it and unexpectedly pounced. I obviously wasn’t right but to me it looked like Bridget bouncing on her bed. The strange meshy floor gave way and they took off into the air. It was like they were flying! Their tails flying with enjoyment, their tongues wagging with happiness, all this was happening whilst I was forced to sit inside, watching enviously. Interrupting their enjoyment, a black and white creature slowly walked to it. Over the fact there was a stranger, they started leaping in harmony. This smelt fishy. By now I was tired from being envious and finally rested my head and drifted off into a deep sleep. I approached this peaceful sleep with my head full of crazy images of meshy floors, flying in the air and those strange objects.
    It was soon morning. My head swayed with exhaustion as I yawned my tired head off. Staggering down the stairs, a dogs best friend, my best friend, literally fell onto her knees as she saw the gift. This was my chance, time to get my go…
    They opened the glass door but I was so caught up in my excitement I almost slammed my head into it. The joyful human had already started to race me out of the boring house. I had to get there first. I took off with a gust of speed, something I never knew I had. I leaped onto this fun world of flying. This is why everyone had loved it, this is why it was worth building in the freezing cold. They all stood flabbergasted, I was not surprised, I thought I looked like the smartest doggy alive. Buster the trapezier!
    I clearly had a lot to learn:)

  2. Once upon a time there lived a young man called Dave and his heart was set on God . On day God sent him a message to warn his village that there was going to be a storm but no believed him . When the storm arrived Dave was no-were to be seen. He had a chance to get a way and he took that chance and ran away to a different land were it was all sunny . God was not pleased with him because he was not suppose to give up. He was suppose to help and save there lives from death .When he heard about so many lives that had bean lost he was very ashamed so he was glad to have a punishment like having to billed all the house again . After him having to build them again God forgave him . Dave was told to send many more messages to his village and they believed him. He also told the store of moses and Jesus and many people started to believe in the holey Bible and God. In the future many people started to belive his messages. Dave soon told a laigh to them and they believed him and ran away . Dave thought it was funny but God said “if you do one more thing wrong then will stop telling you messages to send “. Dave didn’t listen to God and toled another lie and realised that he was wrong and trieyed to tell God to fogiv him but God refused to . Dave was upset whith what he had done so he tryed to stop believing in God but he founed it hared to do because God will always be with him . He also stoped praying to him and tryed to make people NOT believe in God . he was calling him names like savage he also disrespected him and became a bad person . God then thought what had happened to him ? What had he become ? God thought what have I done to Dave .
    I wrote this store and it made me think why do people disrespect God . I also I found it was hard and I wanted to give up but I didn’t I carried on and thought about my loved ones and it encouraged me to keep going . What I am saying is to never give up. By Millie

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