Jabberwocky – Witness Statement

JAbberwocky 3You are the only person to have seen the elusive Jabberwocky lurking in the swamplands of Louisiana in the deep south of America. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) have asked you to describe what you saw of this creature and describe its distinguishing features.

Write a paragraph using the success criteria below:

  • Expanded noun phrases e.g. Sharp ridges that run along the length of its muscular back.
  • Parenthesis to include additional information.

Good luck. We can’t wait to read them!

Mr Proctor, Mrs Taylor & Mrs Tandy


We  went to bury train station to go on the ghost trainOppblåsbar Water Pool Telt.

lots of people had lots of scary costumes.One was a medic with a terrifying zombie mask on.      THE LIGHTS FLICKERED!

When we were on the train,we suddenly stopped!

Someone or something was running along the carriages hitting our window …

And then Frankenstein tried to get my mummy so i smacked him on the hand and made him cry but the man who captured Frankenstein said that Frankenstein deserved it because he was naughty.