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  1. TC
    My family has been saving electricity by turning off the lights when we do not need to use them however we have also turned off the heating when it is not needed.Me and my family have become really good at turning off electrical devices like the TV,Phones Computers and Radios.I have really enjoyed switch off fortnight.

  2. Me and my family save energy by switching the TV off when we are not using it. Also, when we plug in the charger for the phone we take it out when it is 100%. I have really enjoyed switch off fortnight.

    By Malik.

  3. We have energy saving bulbs.We have also been turning off lights.My family has been sharing bath water and instead of just turning the heating on,we have been wearing soft,warm and thick jumpers.We have been turning the radio and the TV off when we are not using them.

  4. When we don’t use electricity we turn it of.Now we don’t charge our phones,I-pads or computers at night.Heating is always off during the night. When we are out we don’t use heating or electricity we turn it of. I really enjoyed switch off fornight.

  5. I have been turning off the lights when I don’t need it on but if I forget I will go back and turn it off again . Again, I have been turning of the heating when it is already to hot and cool down for a bit

  6. I save energy at home by turning the telly and hairdryer by of by the switch not the buttons for the telly also not leaving it lieying around.When I leave the room I always turn the telly and lights off.

  7. We always turn the lights off when we don’t need them. We stop charging our tablets when they have full percent charge.We turn any eletric things off if we dont need them.We turn the heating off when it is warm and most of the time I wear my coat because i want to save electricity.

  8. At home I have been saving electricity by telling my parents not to charge their phones overnight and it has helped a lot! I go on the computer often but I always switch it off properly. When I have finished with the TV I turn it of. At home I don’t have lights on when they are not necessary and in my bathroom I have two mini wall lights and when I go to the bathroom in the night I don’t even switch those on. When I go down stairs in a morning with my Mum and little brother we put our dressing gown and slippers and we turn on heating but lower than normal.

  9. Hi I have reacently been turning of the lights . I have even stopped charging my tablet over night!(I have actually lost it).When people leave the lights on…………………………………………….I TURN IT OFF. When my mum dose not turn of the light I turn it of for her. by josephine

  10. me and my family have been saving electricity by switching the lights and chargers of when we are not using it .We have Also turned the TV of when we are not watching it.

  11. I normally turn all the lights off when I go out of a place like my bedroom but most of the time I leave my computer on but then turn it of when notice it is on.Sometimes I try to not to leave my light to save energy.

  12. I have been making sure that all electronic devices have not been over charged or been on for too long.My family have also switched off the lights when we don’t need them on. We’ve also turned off the heating more often and instead wearing jumpers to keep warm. I’ve also told my parents to stop charging their phones through the night when it only takes about 45 minutes. They’ve also been reminding me the same thing to me about my ipad. It’s made a enormous difference in our house by saving energy and I’m really enjoying saving energy.

  13. I have been saving ELECTRICITY by stop leaving the lights on on all the chrismas trees and diffrent objects arond the house.All so I have told everybody in my house to not leave enything ELECTRIC on including the hob,ovens,computers/laptos and any other machines.SAVE ENERGY SAVE ELCTRICITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY IMOGEN BROMILOW

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