the snowman

One morning a little boy called James woke up and looked out of his window. He saw something amazing. It was snowing! James rushed downstairs and ran outside to play. He made a snowman. First he rolled a big ball of snow for the body. Then he rolled another ball but smaller. He stacked up the two balls and put the smaller one on top of the big one. Next he put the face on. The face had black coal as eyes, an orange tangerine as a nose and he drew a mouth on with his finger. When he put the face on it was time to go to bed. In the middle of the night he woke up and looked out of his bedroom window, and his snowman was still there. He got back in bed and got back out to check. James went downstairs to have a look and his snowman had come to life! He opened the door and went out to meet his snowman. He brought the snowman into his house and took him into lounge. The snowman sat down and poked the black cat. The cat was scared away and the snowman fell into the Christmas tree and James turned on the Christmas lights. The snowman sat on a chair and James the TV on. The snowman started getting very hot from the fire so they had to go out. They went upstairs into the mum and dads room. The snowman put makeup on and put on James’ Dads clothes. James took the clothes from the snowman and put it all away. They went into James bedroom and the snowman started dancing. When he was finished dancing they went back downstairs and back outside. They find a black motorbike and whizz it round the outside of the house. They zoom into the woods and then back into the white garden. The snowman grabbed James’ hand and began running until they were flying. They flew over mountains and over the ocean until they reached the North Pole. There were lots of other snowmen and they all had a big party. Father Christmas was there and gave James a present. It was a lovely blue scarf with little snowmen on it. They flew back to the house and James said goodbye to the snowman. He went back to bed. In the morning, he ran back downstairs to check on his snowman but when he got outside his snowman had gone. He had melted. James was very sad. He took the scarf out of his pocket and looked at it sadly.

The snowman

One cold winters morning a boy called James woke up to find himself in a winter wonderland. James put his clothes on and raced down stairs. He then put on some shoes, socks and a hat then went outside. Once outside, James had an awsome idea, he would build a snowman. He put coal for the eyes and a tangerine for the nose.  When the snowman was finished it looked magnificent.  That night, James couldn’t sleep so he went downstairs and went outside to see his snowman. James heard the clock strike at midnight then magically, the snowman came alive.  The snowman smiled and walked towards him.  James couldn’t believe his eyes.Then the snowman smiled at him and held James hand then he started to run.  Next thing, James was flying then found himself in the North Pole.  He saw Santa but now it was time to go home.  The snowman got him home but sadly, the next morning, the snowman was gone.

The Snowman

A boy called James woke up and ran into the garden and sore that it was snowing so he started throwing snowballs and got into trouble . So  James decided to build a snowman.

He rolled the body and then the head and then did his face. He used a tangerine for the nose and coal for the eyes and buttons.

James goes to bed and worries about his snowman so at midnight he creeps downstairs. To his surprise the snowman turned round,so James gives him a house tour .

The snowman decided to sit next to the fire and started to melt. So James    took him up stairs and dressed him up and he was funny.

They had lots of fun using all of the different fruits as noses. Next James and the snowman went outside to explore the garden. They cycled through a forest and they began to fly ! It felt amazing.

The snowman and James ended up in the North Pole and met Santa. Santa gave James a blue scarf and it was a happy ever after !



About the Snowman book

There was a boy called James and he looked out of the window he saw the fabulous snow, then he dashed to get his wellingtons to put them on, James thought to make a snowman he got one tangerine for the nose a hat and a scarf, lumps of coal for the buttons and eyes, he drew a line for the mouth. James built a body as a size of a man then he also rolled one as a size of a football , Then the snowman was finished.  It was now about time to go to bed and it was midnight and James looked out of the window and the snowman come alive James rushed to see him he took the snowman for a tour around his home. The snowman flew to the north pole and lots of snowmen were there and then he saw Santa and James got a present from Santa it was a soft blue scarf and they flew back and in the morning the snowman was melted.



The incredible story of the snowman

The Incredible Adventure with The Snowman

by Lily K

Once there was a little boy called James. His room was silent until James woke up and looked out of  his window. It was snowing James jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. He push the door open. Then he made footprints in the snow, then he had a brilliant idea. James decided to build the biggest snowman he could build. He started off rolling a big ball of snow then collected a shovel to mould out the body, he then collected twigs, stones and a tangerine to make the arms, face and coat buttons. When James had finished the snowman he was very pleased with himself and he named the snowman a simple  name of The Smowman.

That night James went to bed very tired after playing in the snow all day and went into a deep sleep. James woke up in the night and looked outside to check on his snowman. James decided to sneak downstairs quietly and look outside at the Snowman, as the clock struck midnight a sprinkle of dust flew to the snowman and he came to life. He put his hand out for James to come and fly with him, which James did they flew off into the night on an exciting adventure. On the journey through the night  they came across over snowmen who were dancing and flying through the night they also met santa claus. James could not believe the adventure that he was on. Before he knew it the adventure had come to an end and the snowman had to take him back home. James said goodbye to the snowman still excited from his trip, it took a long time to settle into bed but finally he  drifted off into a deep sleep.


James was woken the next morning by the sun shining into his bedroom, as he rubbed his eyes he suddenly started to remember the adventure he had been on with The Snowman. He jumped out of bed excited to see his friend again. he put his slippers on and ran down the stairs as fast as he could. James opened the front door and went running outside!. Then he stopped and could not BELIEVE HIS EYES!. how sad James felt at the moment, THE SNOWMAN HAD MELTED!. Poor James started to cry that he was never going to see the snowman again. James thought about their beautiful adventure together and whether it had been real or just a dream THE SNOMAN! ..would be James best friend forever.

The Snowman

It was a snowy night and a boy named James was asleep in his bed. When he woke up he looked out of the window and saw that the garden was covered in snow. Excitedly he ran downstairs past his mum and dad. He pulled on his black wellington boots and went out into the garden.

At first he ran around making patterns in the snow. Then he made a snowball and threw it at the window. It went splat! His mum was angry and that made James sad. But then he had an idea to make a snowman. He rolled a big ball of snow and put more snow on top to make a body. He then made another big snow ball for its head. He put a hat and scarf on the snowman and used a tangerine for its nose. Then he got five pieces of coal, two for its eyes and three for its buttons. Finally James used his finger to draw a big smile on the snowman’s face. Then because it was late James had to come inside.

James kept on looking at his snowman when he got in. Just then James’ dad told him to stop looking at the snowman. After they had all watched some TV, it was time for James to go to bed. When James got upstairs, he brushed his teeth, put on his pyjamas and had a last look at his snowman and then he went to bed.

That night James could not sleep because he kept on thinking about his snowman so he crept down the carpet-covered steps put on his wellington boots and opened the back door (trying not to wake the cat). James ran outside into the garden to look at the snowman and the most magical thing happened. The snowman came to life! James’ mouth opened wide with amazement. The snowman greeted James with a cheering smile. James asked the snowman if he wanted to come inside. The snowman said yes so they went into the front room.

They looked at the Christmas tree and James turned on the fairy lights. After that the went upstairs into his mum and dad’s bedroom. The snowman put pink make-up on and wore some funny clothes. Next up was James’ bedroom. Unfortunately the snowman wasn’t looking where he was going so he tripped over a toy car! He went whizzing round the room and bumped into a bunch of balloons! Poof! Then they thought they would go back downstairs.

They walked outside and they ran and ran until they were flying in the sky! They flew over many mountains and seas. Finally they reached the north pole. They met Santa Claus and had a party. After that James was given a present. It was a soft blue scarf. Soon it was time for them to go home. They flew and flew until they got home. James went to bed. When he woke up the snowman had melted. James felt sad.


The snowman

One cold winter morning James woke up and  he went down stairs and he went out side and built a snowman. After that he had to go back in side for tea . After that he started getting ready for bed. then James woke up and then it striked 12.0 clock  the snow man flashed and the snowman came to life he went inside and had a tore of the house. He had a turn on the motobike. After that he ran and ran and ran until they were flying. they saw a dolphin and a ferry. They went to a party. and saw santa he gave him a present he opend it and it was a blue soft scarf. After that he hadto go back home and he flew back home and the snowman melted

By Jessica .H.