500 Word Challenge

Here is the 500 words competition! The world is your oyster – you can write about anything whether that is about an imaginary football land or an exciting time you have had with your family! The ideas are endless. You have until 16th February to hand this homework in so make it a quality piece of writing!

500 word chaleng / EXPLODING BANANAS

Once upon a time a farmer had a banana field .
He was in the farm house when he heard a BOOM!  and a BANG!

He dashed outside.  It was a BANANA.  It exploded again.  Another banana exploded nearby .   Then another, then another!!  Soon the whole field was WHIZZ, POP BANGING with exploding bananas.

“Arghghgh!!” said the farmer.  “Oh no, my bananas.  I will need to grow some more”.

“We are going to need a lot of people to clear up this slushy mess”