500 Word Challenge

Here is the 500 words competition! The world is your oyster – you can write about anything whether that is about an imaginary football land or an exciting time you have had with your family! The ideas are endless. You have until 16th February to hand this homework in so make it a quality piece of writing!

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    One day a Dad and his two children who lived in London were going to Paris on a ferry. So they packed their cases. After that they went to bed. The boy’s name was James and the girl’s name was Jenny.

    The next day they set off on their journey. When they got on the ferry they went to their cabin. The cabin was massive because they were rich.

    Suddenly the ferry started to sink .The Captain yelled “get on the lifeboats!” so the children jumped in one. Dad was helping other people.

    The children must have fallen asleep. When they woke up they found that they were on a massive island on their own! There were hundreds of trees and bushes. They could hear spooky noises and they were scared.

    They were hungry so they went to find some wood. They made a fire. James knew how to make a fire as he was a cub. They found an old fishing net and caught a fish. When they had eaten the fish they were full up so they went to sleep under some trees.

    The next day they wanted their breakfast. There was nothing to eat except for some stale fish from the night before. They were starving so they ate that.

    They then wandered around the island to see if they could find anyone else. They picked some berries and Jenny found a chocolate bar that she had left in her pocket! They were so happy.

    Then sat down on the beach chatting. They wondered where Dad was. They were chatting until it became dark and so they went to sleep.

    The next morning they discovered a snake, hanging from a tree. It was gold coloured. They were terrified but soon realised that it was friendly so they kept it as a pet. On the way back to the camp they saw a bear. It was brown and fat. It had sharp claws and an angry look on its face. It tried to grab James tee shirt with his claws but when the bear wasn’t looking the snake slithered behind him and bit him on his back. The bear ran away.

    Feeling very relieved the children went back to the camp. When they got back they climbed in the lifeboat and looked around for some food supplies. They found some beans in a tin. They grabbed a stick and managed to make a hole in the tin to eat the beans. They heated them up on the fire.

    The next day they walked a long way on the island. In the distance they saw tall buildings and a tower. Was this Paris? They didn’t know. They went back to the lifeboat and sailed to the city. When they got there they found a police man and told him who they were. The police man knew that their Dad had been looking for them and he took them to him. Dad was so happy that they were safe.

    • A super subordinate clause George as your opening sentence! I love your use of alliteration for the children’s names James and Jenny! Good thinking! Glad your story had a happy ending too! I was a little worried!!

  2. This is my story so far..

    Once there lived a little girl who lived in the countryside with her family. The little girl’s name was Elizabeth and her best thing in the whole wide world was a pink fluffy teddy that she had, had since she was born. Wherever she went, Lilly the teddy went too.
    When Elizabeth’s mum told her that the family were going on holiday she rushed up stairs to tell Lilly the good news. She was full of excitement. The day was getting closer and closer and she was getting more excited each day onwards.
    Finally the day had arrived and in excitement she grabbed her bags and flew out of the front door. Her mum came to buckle her in and dad turned the key and off they went. The adventure had begun.
    After they had been driving for an hour, there came a sudden shout from the back of the car.
    “STOP!” screeched Elizabeth at the top of her voice. Dad slammed on the brakes. “We’ve forgot Lilly,” Elizabeth cried!!!
    “Oh sweet heart, we can’t turn back now, we will miss the boat,” said mum softly.
    “We’re all ready late,” interrupted dad.
    Elizabeth cried and cried and cried. There was no comforting her.
    This holiday was going to be a disaster!
    Meanwhile, back at home, Lily was cuddled up, sobbing on Elizabeth’s bed. Fluffy the rabbit was trying to comfort her whilst the rest of Elizabeth’s toys were hatching a plan to reunite Lily and Elizabeth.
    “I’ve got it!” said the dog, Ellie. “I will take Lily in my jaws and run with her to the harbour. Then, I will plead with the dolphins to take Lily safely to the boat.
    “Great idea!” exclaimed the toys.
    “But how will the dolphins get Lily onboard?” asked Francesca the cat.
    “I don’t know, but I’m sure the dolphins will.” replied Ellie.
    After that, they told Lily the plan. She was delighted and keen to get going.
    They set off down the country lanes which were very quiet and soon reached the busy motorway. Lily was terrified and closed her eyes tightly. Ellie ran as fast as she could with the wind in her face and eventually the harbour came into sight.
    Tired and exhausted, Ellie put Lily softly down on the ground and looked for somewhere to have a drink. They padded along to a seaside café and were given a bowl of water by a waitress who took pity on them.

    • What an excellent story Charlotte. I love your use of inverted commas to show the speech! Good use of time openers too! Well done!

  3. I was walking towards a bat cave and there was a monster with scales, a weird neck facing forward with nails as big as an elephant. It had brown, beady eyes staring at me. It was the bats unlikely looking father! It turned me in into a bat and I struggled to fly.
    Suddenly, I got tired of flying but I couldn’t find somewhere to hang upside down. There were bats everywhere in the cave. I flew out and turned back into a beautiful human-being.
    Later I arrived at Bolton School swimming pool and saw James, my best friend. I dived into the water and showed him I could swim. He was very impressed! Later we both went to a tennis club and played a tournament. It was 2-3 to me. That means I won! James gave up, had a tantrum and lost his temper. James stormed off and said “you are a bully!” I felt like shouting “I am not a bully” but all what came out my mouth was “I hate you!”
    On January the 15th James, Mason, Kyle and Jack came up to me and said “we have heard you’re the greatest bully in the whole entire world”. They told Mrs. Smith and she shouted at me. I told her about the tennis tournament and she glared at James. When I woke up I was very happy it was all a dream. I knew it was a dream because my friends would never call me a bully; and also, monsters are not even real. It was half nightmare half dream.
    The following day our class went to London zoo. My friends and I went to the bat cave. All the bats came together and made the shape of a monster, just like in my dream. My friends ran away. I was left with the creepy bats. I shouted “they are only bats”. Suddenly they all came running back with Mrs Smith. She told everyone to evacuate the cave and told the nervous children that they were only bats. We went back in and looked at the bats making an illusion of a monster, just like in my dream. Suddenly, they split up and flew towards us. Immediately, we zoomed away out of the enclosure. When they were not in sight, we lost them because it was sunlight and bats can burn in sunlight.
    I now know why I had a dream about bats. It was because I knew I was going to the London zoo and I was very excited about the adventure. You can have spooky dreams, crazy dreams, memories, day dreams and the worst of all which is the nightmares. My dream was definitely a bad dream.
    In the future when I’m going on a quest or a mission I will make sure I don’t get too excited about it so that I would not have a bad dream.

  4. A Day out with David the Dinosaur, by Alfie James Richardson.

    One day Alfie was going on a trip to the museum, he was so excited to see what was inside, especially the dinosaur exhibit.

    He walked around looking for the dinosaurs, he saw birds, he saw bears, he saw Egyptians, he then saw spaceships, but then Alfie finally reached his favourite exhibit, dinosaurs.

    Alfie loved dinosaurs, “I wish the dinosaurs where real” Alfie said.

    “Well they’re not real” grumbled Alfie’s dad.

    “I know, but it would be cool to have a real dinosaur, don’t you think?” said Alfie.

    Alfie’s dad was too busy reading a book about spaceships. All of a sudden a small voice whispered “Hello, what’s your name?”

    “Who said that?” whispered Alfie. But no one was there, “I wish you could talk he said to the dinosaur”.

    “I can, my name is David the dinosaur, nice to meet you” said the big green dinosaur.
    Alfie couldn’t believe his eyes. “WOW A TALKING DINOSAUR!!” shouted Alfie to his Dad, but Alfie’s dad couldn’t hear him as he had wondered off to find the fish exhibit.

    “My name is Alfie, nice to meet you David!”

    David whispered to Alfie, “Would you like to go on a ride?” All excited Alfie shouted “Yes yes yes!!”

    The dinosaur put his long green neck down to the floor, Alfie jumped up and sat on his head. “I can’t believe it, I am actually going for a ride on the back of a dinosaur”.
    “Off we go!” shouted Alfie with laughter.

    David the dinosaur and Alfie walked down the street. “STOP!” shouted Alfie, “You can’t cross the road without pressing the button to stop the traffic first”. But that wasn’t a problem for David, he was big and had long legs, he could just step over the road easily.

    They headed towards the park, it was a warm summers day. “Would you like to go for an ice cream” said Alfie. “What’s an ice cream?” said David in a funny voice. “You will enjoy an ice cream David, it’s cold and yummy and it will cool us down after that long walk” said Alfie.

    Alfie and David reached the park, they spotted the ice cream van. “A small ice cream for me please” said Alfie. “A very big ice cream thingy for me please” said David.

    “Who said that?” said the lady selling the ice creams. “I did!” shouted David from high above. David lowered his head, the lady placed the ice cream in to his mouth. “That tastes delicious” said David.

    “I told you, mmm vanilla my favourite” said Alfie.

    “We best be getting back” said Alfie, “my Dad will be wondering I am”.

    Back at the museum, David strolled back into his exhibit.

    “See you soon!” shouted Alfie to David the dinosaur.

    “See you next time Alfie” said David, “I’ll look forward to another ice cream”.

    “Bye!” shouted Alfie, as he walked away with his Dad, “What an AMAZING day!”

    (Story by Alfie James Richardson, Year 3. Checked and posted with help by Alfie’s dad)

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