Max’s Football Friday

One sunny morning max was eating his breakfast. ” Man utd are playing tonight and Bolton what shall I do! “I know I will ask dad what time they are on and who they are playing against.” Man utd are playing against Chelsea and Bolton are playing against Scunthorpe. And Man utd are playing at half past 8 and Bolton half past 5. Now it is quarter to 5. Yeah! Bolton are on GOAL! Scunthorpe 1-o Bolton PENEALTY! and GOAL! Scunthorpe 1-1 Bolton Full Time! Now  I am going outside to play football now it is half past 7″ Max!” shouted dad  man utd are on in 1 hour” “ok I will come in now”.  “I am going on the PS4 for an hour” “OK”! shouted dad 1 hour later.” Max Man utd are on now”!  “OK!  come on united!” Max shouted “oh! Chelsea scored” Chelsea 1-o Man utd “AND AGAIN!” Chelsea 2-0 Man utd “what AGAIN!” Chelsea 3-0 Man utd “oh my god AGAIN” Chelsea 4-0 Man utd.” YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH” Chelsea 4-1 Man utd “pen yes” Chelsea 4-2 Man utd “oh my days what a goal” Chelsea 4-3 Man utd. “Yes” Chelsea 4-4 Man utd “AND ANOTHER!” Chelsea 4-5 Man utd. FULL TIME.


Where are they found?

BWFC99legends are found across football especially in the UK but they can be found ellsware. However, this species has been found on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

What do BWFC99Legends look like?

Surprisingly, this species have brown eyes even though they represent blue. As juveniles they are shiny. They are dark blue and have lovely fur. Their teeth are very good at grinding food. BWFC99legends are the size of a car.

What do they eat?

BWFC99LEGENDS love eating eggs, fresh fruit, bacon, beef and bread. They are carnivores and occasionally go to the shop to buy their food.

What do they like to do?

BWFC99legends love to play tennis and football, in particular football. They play for Bolton Wanderers football club Youth Team for Dragons. They have also played for most of the best teams in the world, including FC Barcelona. Each dragon holds 545 world records for the longest time to balance a football on the sole of your foot.



element killer

What does element killer look like?

You can find my rare species of dragon in the afternoon. It is the largest dragon in the world. Strangely, the dragon has 4 heads. Amazingly, this dragons colossal feet are red. Its 4 heads are element colours there black, blue, red and green. His massive wings are green.

What does element killer like to do?

Whilst most dragons are renowned for reaping treasure,  he shows no interest in gold or silver. Element killers are only interested in playing football and basket ball infect he is world champion!

Where can you find element killer?

Element killer is found on dark, cold caves on top of mountains. He particularly likes being on the top of mountains because it is freezing.

What does element killer like to eat?

He likes bananas, apples and grapes simply likes everything.

Fire balls

What does fire ball look like?

Fire ball is a rare form of dragon which is only seen at night. fire ball is as big as an aeroplane. Surprisingly, this species has a dog face. also fireball is a dark green and also has light green he changes them both. strangely he lights up different colours. he has eyes.

What does fire ball like to do?

Whilst most dragons are known for keeping treasure, fire ball is only interested in breathing fire balls. In fact fire balls has become world champion!

Where is fire ball found?

Fire ball is found in rainforest ,oceans, cold dark caves in Bolton ,Italy ,USA , Holland and France.

What does fire ball eat?

Fire ball likes to eat red peppers, chocolate, pizza and chicken.

Jeffry the ice dragon

What do they look like?

Jeffry the ice dragon has light blue and green scales and adorable  ice blue eyes .   Also  has purple, blue,  white, green and sapphire combined together which makes a really nice, cool and beautiful colour.

Where do they live?

Jeffry lives in Antartica in any dark cave as long as it is cold and cosy. He has lots of friends aswell as Spike mane, Moonshine, Moonshimer, Fire charm, Alfie the ice back, Sparkie, swivlehip and water dragon. Also he flies to Alaska and meets new friends every single year until he dies.

What do they eat?

Jeffry likes to eat ice pops, ice icles,  loly  pops and lots of things humans don’t like, as in polar bears fur and bones of tigers  and lions and very shiny crystls.

The lightning dragon

What do they look like?

The lightning dragon has a cherry, and yellow tail. Also he has a red and yellow paton . Lightning has purple eyes. He has yellow and cherry wings. Also he is a multi-coloured  dragon.

Where do they live?

You can find him in a dark forest in Manchester.

What do they enjoy doing?

Lightning likes to play to in the trees, and hills. He likes to play football.

What do they eat?

Lightning only likes to eat pizza.

How can people protect them?

People can protect them by, in the snowy weather, giving them vegetaball peelings.



Unicorn Dragon is a Dragon who eats party poppers and berps out the confetti from the party popper and as well and as well she farts out the confetti! Her favavorite thing is eating with all of her friends. Unicorn dragon loves to eat very weird but most hearts.


My unicorn dragon lives all over the world mostly in Poland and Oceans and Engaland.


We can help animals by leaving out party poppers or balloons  to make these animals happy.  Animals like these are indangerd and will always be nice to humans and some right be loving pets that are in a family to seam lovely pets.

Bolton rock horns

This species is called Bolton rock horn and is only seen in daytime.

What do they look like?

The Bolton rock horn has a light grey body and a huge scaly tail with a  giant rock bolder on the end. They have 2 red horns and 2 spiky black wings.

Where do they live?

Bolton rock horns live in gardens full of small and vast rocks and pebbles. Sometimes they travel to different contries to find rocks.

What do they eat?

Bolton rock horns like to eat popcorn, leaves and gravle.

Inferno dragons

The fire dragon, Inferno, is a rare dragon which is an orange colour, has a long tail, sharp claws, sharp teeth and square wings. However, when they are born they are red.

Infernos like to burn trees and play hide and seek! When they play hide and seek, they burn trees and hide in the flames.

This species is a vegetarian which means they only eat grass,  leaves, carrots, bananas and strawberries but don’t eat meat. They also eat potatoes, apples and lots of fruit and vegetables.

They can be found in dark, gloomy rainforests in south America. They live in rainforests because there are lots of trees to play hide and seek.