My magnificent poem By Eve

Silently the cat crept up on the rat.

Silently the snake slithered into the hat.

Silently the briny sea flowed across the shore.

Silently it covers the old dogs paw.


Silently I did a complete piroet.

Silently I walked down the street and met.

The best potato that is mushed.

And it is as silent as a sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

My Adverb Poem by Macie

Silently James Bond sneaked around school,

Silently I creeped out of class like a mouse ,

Silently I crept for a drink,

Silently I got a football out of a bush,

Silently I through my toys down the stairs,

Silently Max shouted at me for no reason,

Silently I ran into my sisters room,



My adverb poem by Freddie

Carefully my dad cut an orange

Carefully I opened my presents

Carefully I brought the drinks upstairs

Carefully my Nan brought a sandwich

Carefully the snow fell to the ground

Carefully the gymnast landed her dismount

Carefully my brother brought a drink

Carefully my Nan smashed the glass

Carefully I sneaked out of class.






My adverb poem by Joseph

Messily pigs on a farmyard playing in the mud.

Messily paint drying up on a wall.

Messily bins grow their slime.

Messily a chalk spreading up on a wall.

Messily sand grows between your toes.

Messily the house gets dirtier every second.

Messily dirt spreads on your shoes.

Messily the mud gets squelched even more.

Adverb poem by Tom

Messily I stormed into the door after a walk

Messily the baby eats with a plastic fork

Messily I play in my room just after I tidied it

Messily the paint spills but only a little bit


Messily sand gets between your toes

Messily a fight comes between you and your foes

Messily I came back from paintball

Messily the baby doesn’t eat just mauls

My AWESOME poem by Maxwell

Silently I crept out of class.

Silently I creep down the garden path.

Silently I hopped out of my bed.

Silently I walked out of my garden shed.

Silently  James Bond sneaked around school.

Silently my friend was being a fool.

Silently my dog danced away.

Silently I started another day.




Adverb poem by Keira

Silently cats roam around town.

Silently children rush to the floor.

Silently Santa comes in his sledge.

Silently the gymnast falls onto the floor.

Silently day changes to night.

Silently children write story’s in class.

Silently hide and get found.

Silently plants grow in your house.

My Awesome Adverb poem by Iona

Loudly we talk in the classroom in school.

Loudly the wind swept across the playground.

Loudly the cats yowl all through the night.

Loudly my Dad drilled a hole in the wall.

Loudly my Mum coughed all through the house.


Loudly I placed the cup on the table.

Loudly Mrs Hayes high heels cross the room.

Loudly I walked through the squelching mud.

Loudly the wind slams the door.

Loudly my sister shouts more and more.


My incredible Adverb poem by Lucia

Carefully I tiptoed across

Carefully I creeped up on the boss

Carefully I sneaked through school

Carefully I ran back I knew I was being a fool

Carefully I went to class

Carefully I made sure I didn’t walk into a piece of grass

Carefully I walked back home

Carefully I made myself trip over a stone