Welcome to Year 4

Our-Blogs-2Hello Year 4 and welcome to our class blog.

Our blog will include examples of children’s learning and also additional work and support for children at home.

Visit your child’s class blog .

These blogs provide our children with a real audience and purpose for writing. Please feel free to comment and give us feedback on any of our posts. Your comments will be monitored before going live and then will be shared with the children.

This year we will be using our blog in a variety of subjects.

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4 Responses to Welcome to Year 4

  1. Pide Piper by Zofia says:

    A man called Bob came to the town of Hamlin,he is the father of Pide Piper.He like going on journeys.One day Bob asked were did Pide Piper go.They replayed ”He took all of the children ” .So Bob set of looking for Pide Piper.
    A little while later,Bob was a little bit tired although he persevered and kept on trying ,he was very sad that his son [Pide Piper] had kidnapped all the children from Hamlin.
    He climbs the rocky hills and he sees three caves he desisersto go through the last one.He fits Pide Pipe and he fols on the flor.
    Bob rescues the children and un loks the cages.They all went back into the town.
    Everyone was very pleased about the children!

  2. 0722012ib says:

    love your Pide piper!!!

  3. Rosemary Caller says:

    I love it!

  4. Rosemary Caller says:

    I love it! I feel sorry for Bob.I would definitely be disappointed if the Pied Piper was my son!

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