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18 thoughts on “You’ve found us!

  1. It was a wonderful time at Winmarliegh Hall. The big swing is very popular and everyone loves it! The room Jacob and I had was spectacular it had all of the things we needed. When it was time for lunch or dinner every body loved what was made for them , it was lovley. The best activity for me was archery ( bow and arrows) I got 2 bullseyes!!! It was quite hot in my bed , about 20°C

    Will Grasmere be better…

  2. Winmarleigh Hall was a extraordinary in many ways,It is like no other school trip that you ever been to!.I think that the most popular activity was … the Big swing , because when people made the first drop they were screaming their heart out with joy and laughter . Surprisingly i actually hit the target in archery , well the blue spot.My favorite meal of Thursday was when we all had chicken curry and rice , and we had jelly too . Moments later, it was time for bed, i really enjoyed that day and i was ready for the next one!!!! . Hours later ,we woke up, and my group were late up rushing to the next two activities . Sadly we packed and we were heading home
    I wonder whos going next …???

  3. Winmarleigh hall was definitely my best school trip by far. It was very exiting especially the Giant Swing. When Finn and I went on I had almost a heart attack from the powerful wind that bashed right into my face. On the way down I kept quiet waiting for Finn and myself to fly off any second…


  4. I loved Winmarleigh hall because I had so much fun with my friends. My best activity was the giant swing, me and Joseph went on first and it was so fun! When we first acended up the tower we did’nt know what was going to happen so we pulled the string and we went soaring through the air like an eagle. When we were at the climbing wall I was belaying Ross (our instructor) said i was realy good and he made me belay two other people before I could climb!


  5. Winmarleigh was definitely the best trip by far,my favourite activity had to be the big swing because it is very exiting, I got to go on twice because an instructor picked a number Inbetween 1-20 he picked 13 and I guessed it bang on 13! I bet the year 4’s will be dieing to go to Winmarleigh hall!!

  6. Chilling him to the bone; Flavia silently scuttled threw the vines they hung like snakes… he came face to face with the beast and threw his dagger threw his heart.
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  7. I loved windmarleigh because everything I did was fun.My favorite thing was the big swing, me nor James wanted to pull the cord but eventually we decided. It felt rather scary but fun at the same time. My second best was the trapeze, even though I started to cry it was overwhelming

    Maxwell G

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