Keep blogging!

Remember, you can blog whenever you want to.  You might want to write about ‘Cultural Diversity’ week or about something else that you have been learning about in class.  You might just want to write a blog about something fantastic you have done at the weekend.  Let’s keep our Year 5 blog current and up-to-date!  acqbK6jRi

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  1. Edward says:

    I’ve just done a big paragraph of writing about my story the abacus games and the times table challenge I’m getting so exited I might blow up

  2. Amelia says:

    I have got a new baby cousin a couple of weeks ago he is called Jackson xx he is so cute

  3. Aimee says:

    I had a wonderful week on : Cultrul Diversity Week : it was the best, most exciting week i have ever wondered in , i loved it Mrs O 🙂 (And Mrs V)

    To Jack

  4. alex says:

    this weekend i went to to the arcade and bowling i really enjoyed it ,it was really fun

  5. Thomas says:


  6. Ruby says:

    Did everyone have a good half term?

    I certainly did! I travelled to Buxton ( a cosy town in the hills of Derbyshire ) and stayed there for 2 days and a night. Me, my brother and my parents – Mom and Dad – stayed at a most marvellous hotel, Palace Hotel. I was truly treated like a princess.

    Secondly, I went to the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester. Sadly, when me, my brother, Zach G – D, Theo and our parents arrived, storm Dorris strook. Despite the storm, we still had a very interesting visit. Zach even dressed up as a household maid!
    The main area we visited was the Wonder Materials section. We learnt all about the material graphene, discovered how it was created, and how it was founded! We even made some 3D shapes!

    Thirdly, I attended a brownies agent ( girl guiding ) called ‘ Around the World . ‘ This is were, four different sets of brownies come together and celebrate the day girl guiding was founded.

    So, I told you some things I did over the half term, now its your turn to tell me!
    Leave a reply on this comment if you are wishing to share something you did over the half term. I’ll make sure to reply once I have read them.
    HAVE FUN! Ruby….

  7. Ivan says:

    I have been drawing lot of planes in year 5 so I will now give you a list of planes; I hope it isn’t to long for you Mrs Vickers or anyone else who reads this long list.

    Easy jet
    Aer Lingus
    British Airways
    Croatia Airlines
    Thomas cook
    Thomson Airways
    Virgin Atlantic
    Finn Air
    Euro wings
    Air France
    Air Malta

    This is the end of my list< hope you enjoyed it!

    • Ivan says:

      Please give this sign 🙂 (colon, hyphen and closing bracket) if you like it
      or this sign 🙁 (colon, hyphen and opening bracket ) if you don’t.

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