Harry, Tottenham and the Big Match by Zach

Harry, Tottenham and the Big Match

Tottenham. Or as Harry called them, the best team ever. Harry was good at football, he loved it. Every single day, he went training at Tottenham Academy. As I mentioned before, he loved Tottenham. He could imagine walking onto the pitch one day. There was only one problem…he was deaf. No, he isn`t death (as in a big skeleton holding a scythe) he’s deaf as in he can`t hear. He was too poor to afford a hearing aid. Luckily, he knew sign language and his best friend, James, could translate. James was deaf too, so he knew sign language, but he had a hearing aid. Lucky him.

Although Harry’s family were poor, he felt rich in love. He loved his family and they loved him. His favourite player was Harry Kane, who his Dad named him after. Even his baby sister loved Tottenham, what’s not to love, right? Even Great Grandma loved them, and she was dead. When the hospital told her she was dying, she asked for a Tottenham badge be etched onto her gravestone.

Every day he dreamed of seeing his mother again. You see, before she had even named him, she ran off with the guy who fixed their boiler. “Mum, come back, I miss you,” he slowly thought to himself.

Harry swiftly got the ‘Emergency Ball’ out from under his bed and did some keepie uppies with it and slid his picture of mum into his pocket.

It was soon the morning of the big match between Tottenham Academy and Manchester United. Harry was excited as he got his kit and boots ready. Harry got a lift to the ground and as he enters he slowly thinks to himself, “What if our team lose? What if I embarrass myself?” He felt nervous.

He turned a corner and as he was about to enter the ground he bumped into the Man United players. They shouted “Oi you!” Harry couldn’t hear them calling him so he walked on. Suddenly the Man United players jumped in front of him. They started shouting at Harry and waving their arms about. Harry hear them. So, he hinted towards his ear, shook his head so they would know he was deaf. They all started to laugh at Harry and pushed him about. Harry ran to his dressing room.


Before Harry knew it, the match had started. He made a run down the wing and as he was in the box, a bully from before purposefully knocked into him! The referee blew his whistle – it was a penalty!

Harry picked up the ball and placed it on the spot. He stepped back, ran towards the ball and suddenly his shiny boots smacked it straight into the back of the net! Harry was a hero.


Eleven years later, Harry walked onto the White hart Lane pitch with his Mum and his Dad in the crowd to cheer him on. His dream had come true. The bullies had lost.