As we will soon be in the season of Advent, please could you explain on our blog what Advent is.  What does it mean to you?


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Abacus Maths Site

Use this blog to share how you are getting on with the games. Which is your favourite? Do you need any help?

Struggling to get on? The website address is: Your username is the same as last year. Your password is the same as the one that you use to log onto the school network (NOT your purple mash one) and the code is: stps

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Winmarleigh Hall

In this blog share with us your experiences at Winmarleigh Hall.  Try to capture and entertain your readers!  Remember your super sentence work.  We look forward to reading your blogs.


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You’ve found us!






Please feel free to comment and give feedback on any of the posts. This can be done at home or at school. Please do not use text language and write as you would in your literacy book.

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