Where are they found?

BWFC99legends are found across football especially in the UK but they can be found ellsware. However, this species has been found on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

What do BWFC99Legends look like?

Surprisingly, this species have brown eyes even though they represent blue. As juveniles they are shiny. They are dark blue and have lovely fur. Their teeth are very good at grinding food. BWFC99legends are the size of a car.

What do they eat?

BWFC99LEGENDS love eating eggs, fresh fruit, bacon, beef and bread. They are carnivores and occasionally go to the shop to buy their food.

What do they like to do?

BWFC99legends love to play tennis and football, in particular football. They play for Bolton Wanderers football club Youth Team for Dragons. They have also played for most of the best teams in the world, including FC Barcelona. Each dragon holds 545 world records for the longest time to balance a football on the sole of your foot.



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