Max’s Football Friday

One sunny morning max was eating his breakfast. ” Man utd are playing tonight and Bolton what shall I do! “I know I will ask dad what time they are on and who they are playing against.” Man utd are playing against Chelsea and Bolton are playing against Scunthorpe. And Man utd are playing at half past 8 and Bolton half past 5. Now it is quarter to 5. Yeah! Bolton are on GOAL! Scunthorpe 1-o Bolton PENEALTY! and GOAL! Scunthorpe 1-1 Bolton Full Time! Now  I am going outside to play football now it is half past 7″ Max!” shouted dad  man utd are on in 1 hour” “ok I will come in now”.  “I am going on the PS4 for an hour” “OK”! shouted dad 1 hour later.” Max Man utd are on now”!  “OK!  come on united!” Max shouted “oh! Chelsea scored” Chelsea 1-o Man utd “AND AGAIN!” Chelsea 2-0 Man utd “what AGAIN!” Chelsea 3-0 Man utd “oh my god AGAIN” Chelsea 4-0 Man utd.” YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH” Chelsea 4-1 Man utd “pen yes” Chelsea 4-2 Man utd “oh my days what a goal” Chelsea 4-3 Man utd. “Yes” Chelsea 4-4 Man utd “AND ANOTHER!” Chelsea 4-5 Man utd. FULL TIME.

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  1. The secret superhero
    Our hero is called Olivia
    She has special powers that no one knows about
    She reads with an overlap and has tinted glasses to help her read
    They not only help her read they help her to see hidden messages
    Olivia chooses not to tell anyone about these messages though but uses the messages to help her friends and people in the community
    One day while playing in the yard Olivia Saw a secret message that said help the homeless
    No one else saw the message except Olivia
    She decided to arrange a fair at school to help the homeless and people brought in coats and old clothes that could be donated so the homeless could be warm
    People made soup and hot coffee
    Mrs Lysi was so impressed with Olivia she put her in the golden book as a reward
    Olivia was just happy she could use her secret powers for good

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