Dead pig?

This morning at Arable’s farm, a litter of pigs were born. But one was a runt. So Mr Arable went out to the hog house to kill the runt. When his daughter, Fern Arable found out that the little, runty pig was going to be killed, she sprinted as fast as she could to the hog house.

When she got there, she complained “It’s not fair. If I was born small would you have killed me?” Of course not. A runty pig is one thing and a little girl is another.” explained Mr Arable.

“Then I shall take care of him. This is the most terrible case of injustice I have ever heard of.”said Fern. “And I am sorry for my foolishness.”replied Mr Arable.

“I am so glad I saved this beautiful, little pig. Now, I have named him Wilbur. I just hope my dad doesn’t try to kill any more runty pigs. If he does I shall stop him again.”said Fern.

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