Fire balls

What does fire ball look like?

Fire ball is a rare form of dragon which is only seen at night. fire ball is as big as an aeroplane. Surprisingly, this species has a dog face. also fireball is a dark green and also has light green he changes them both. strangely he lights up different colours. he has eyes.

What does fire ball like to do?

Whilst most dragons are known for keeping treasure, fire ball is only interested in breathing fire balls. In fact fire balls has become world champion!

Where is fire ball found?

Fire ball is found in rainforest ,oceans, cold dark caves in Bolton ,Italy ,USA , Holland and France.

What does fire ball eat?

Fire ball likes to eat red peppers, chocolate, pizza and chicken.

The snowman

One cold winter morning James woke up and  he went down stairs and he went out side and built a snowman. After that he had to go back in side for tea . After that he started getting ready for bed. then James woke up and then it striked 12.0 clock  the snow man flashed and the snowman came to life he went inside and had a tore of the house. He had a turn on the motobike. After that he ran and ran and ran until they were flying. they saw a dolphin and a ferry. They went to a party. and saw santa he gave him a present he opend it and it was a blue soft scarf. After that he hadto go back home and he flew back home and the snowman melted

By Jessica .H.

How to build a snowman

you will need,

snow tangerine 2 stones 2 sticks 1 hat and scarf

1.Firstly roll a ball of snow until it is as big as a car wheel

2.Next roll an other ball of snow that is smaller than the other one.

3.Stack the balls on top of each other.

4.When you have done that with your stones put them on the front of your face

5.Use your finger for a mouth underneath the eyes .

6.Gently place your sticks on ether side.

7.Penultamly place your hat on top of the top snow ball.

8.finally wrap your soft scarf around where the snowmans body and head are connected now your snowman looks good well done