Max’s Football Friday

One sunny morning max was eating his breakfast. ” Man utd are playing tonight and Bolton what shall I do! “I know I will ask dad what time they are on and who they are playing against.” Man utd are playing against Chelsea and Bolton are playing against Scunthorpe. And Man utd are playing at half past 8 and Bolton half past 5. Now it is quarter to 5. Yeah! Bolton are on GOAL! Scunthorpe 1-o Bolton PENEALTY! and GOAL! Scunthorpe 1-1 Bolton Full Time! Now  I am going outside to play football now it is half past 7″ Max!” shouted dad  man utd are on in 1 hour” “ok I will come in now”.  “I am going on the PS4 for an hour” “OK”! shouted dad 1 hour later.” Max Man utd are on now”!  “OK!  come on united!” Max shouted “oh! Chelsea scored” Chelsea 1-o Man utd “AND AGAIN!” Chelsea 2-0 Man utd “what AGAIN!” Chelsea 3-0 Man utd “oh my god AGAIN” Chelsea 4-0 Man utd.” YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH” Chelsea 4-1 Man utd “pen yes” Chelsea 4-2 Man utd “oh my days what a goal” Chelsea 4-3 Man utd. “Yes” Chelsea 4-4 Man utd “AND ANOTHER!” Chelsea 4-5 Man utd. FULL TIME.

The Triplet Riplet

Appearance. The Triplet Riplet is a fat form of dragon. He also has dark green eyes he is also multi-coloured. And he also has 6 wings which means 3 on each side.

location. The Triplet Riplet is found only in Ancient Temples across the world and it lays deep underground. But watch out theres a guard!

hobbies  The Triplet Riplet is interested in nothing. But eating and ripping peoples heads off.

food The Triplet Riplet only eats sweets, chips, nuggets and people.

how can people protect them. People wont want to protect him because he eats people.

How to build a Snowman

You will need:

  • Snow.
  • 2 Sticks.
  • 1 Tangerine or carrot.
  • 7 Stones.
  • 1 Hat.
  • 1 Scarf.

1. Firstly, roll a ball the size as a football.

2. Next roll an even bigger ball for the body.

3.After that get the sticks for the arms.

4.Then put 2 stones on the top the snowman’s face.

5. Finally put 1 tangerine or carrot in the middle of his face.