Jeffry the ice dragon

What do they look like?

Jeffry the ice dragon has light blue and green scales and adorable  ice blue eyes .   Also  has purple, blue,  white, green and sapphire combined together which makes a really nice, cool and beautiful colour.

Where do they live?

Jeffry lives in Antartica in any dark cave as long as it is cold and cosy. He has lots of friends aswell as Spike mane, Moonshine, Moonshimer, Fire charm, Alfie the ice back, Sparkie, swivlehip and water dragon. Also he flies to Alaska and meets new friends every single year until he dies.

What do they eat?

Jeffry likes to eat ice pops, ice icles,  loly  pops and lots of things humans don’t like, as in polar bears fur and bones of tigers  and lions and very shiny crystls.