Where are they found?

BWFC99legends are found across football especially in the UK but they can be found ellsware. However, this species has been found on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

What do BWFC99Legends look like?

Surprisingly, this species have brown eyes even though they represent blue. As juveniles they are shiny. They are dark blue and have lovely fur. Their teeth are very good at grinding food. BWFC99legends are the size of a car.

What do they eat?

BWFC99LEGENDS love eating eggs, fresh fruit, bacon, beef and bread. They are carnivores and occasionally go to the shop to buy their food.

What do they like to do?

BWFC99legends love to play tennis and football, in particular football. They play for Bolton Wanderers football club Youth Team for Dragons. They have also played for most of the best teams in the world, including FC Barcelona. Each dragon holds 545 world records for the longest time to balance a football on the sole of your foot.



The Goal King

The Goal King

Alexis is a nine year old boy. He plays for the Arsenal Youth Academy. He is a striker. His favourite player is Alexis Sanchez. That is why his Dad named him after Alexis Sanchez. One day, Alexis wants to play for Arsenal F.C.
He has a big match coming up and he needs to score at least one goal or he will be kicked out of the Academy. His team are playing Tottenham Academy who are first in the League, followed by Arsenal Academy in second.
Olivier, another nine year old boy, is having try-outs to play for Arsenal Academy, and will replace Alexis if he doesn’t score at least one goal!

It is the day of the big match.
All of Alexis’ team are in the changing rooms getting ready to run onto the pitch. Tottenham are already on the pitch. When Arsenal Academy are ready, they rush out and shake hands with Tottenham Academy.
Alexis sees his best friend, who plays for Tottenham Academy, Harry.
Tottenham Academy get kick-off and they pass it to their goal-keeper. Then their goal-keeper drop kicks it all the way up the pitch. Unluckily for them, it lands right at Alexis’ feet. Alexis runs down the wing and crosses it into one of his teammates. They have a beautiful chance but Tottenham Academy’s goal-keeper saves it.
The goal-keeper rolls it to someone who runs down the wing and passes into midfield. A midfielder, boots it up to Harry who scores.
After Arsenal Academy have had their possession, they are under pressure so, all they can do, is boot it up to Alexis. Alexis has a shot and he gets it top bins into the back of the net. That’s the top corner in case you don’t know! Alexis isn’t so worried now because he won’t get kicked out of the Academy now.
Tottenham Academy are having their possession and then they boot it up the pitch. An Arsenal defender, passes it to James Jones in midfield. James Jones passes it into the box so Alexis can have another chance to score. He beats the keeper and gets his second goal of the match!
The final whistle blows and it is 2-1 to Arsenal.
When Alexis got back in the dressing room with all of his team waiting for him, he sees somebody familiar, his hero, Alexis Sanchez!
Alexis and his team go to meet the Academy’s Manager. The Manager says that Olivier is joining the Academy and that Alexis will be staying too.
After the last match of the season, the Academy Manager tells Alexis and Olivier that they will be joining the real Arsenal FC and they are filled with excitement!
Alexis and Olivier meet Harry from the Tottenham team at Alexis’ house and tell him that they are joining Arsenal FC. Harry has some news for them too. His news is that he is joining Tottenham FC as well!
They all now meet up after every match!

Theo G-D