Dead pig?

This morning at Arable’s farm, a litter of pigs were born. But one was a runt. So Mr Arable went out to the hog house to kill the runt. When his daughter, Fern Arable found out that the little, runty pig was going to be killed, she sprinted as fast as she could to the hog house.

When she got there, she complained “It’s not fair. If I was born small would you have killed me?” Of course not. A runty pig is one thing and a little girl is another.” explained Mr Arable.

“Then I shall take care of him. This is the most terrible case of injustice I have ever heard of.”said Fern. “And I am sorry for my foolishness.”replied Mr Arable.

“I am so glad I saved this beautiful, little pig. Now, I have named him Wilbur. I just hope my dad doesn’t try to kill any more runty pigs. If he does I shall stop him again.”said Fern.

Inferno dragons

The fire dragon, Inferno, is a rare dragon which is an orange colour, has a long tail, sharp claws, sharp teeth and square wings. However, when they are born they are red.

Infernos like to burn trees and play hide and seek! When they play hide and seek, they burn trees and hide in the flames.

This species is a vegetarian which means they only eat grass,  leaves, carrots, bananas and strawberries but don’t eat meat. They also eat potatoes, apples and lots of fruit and vegetables.

They can be found in dark, gloomy rainforests in south America. They live in rainforests because there are lots of trees to play hide and seek.



the snowman

One morning a little boy called James woke up and looked out of his window. He saw something amazing. It was snowing! James rushed downstairs and ran outside to play. He made a snowman. First he rolled a big ball of snow for the body. Then he rolled another ball but smaller. He stacked up the two balls and put the smaller one on top of the big one. Next he put the face on. The face had black coal as eyes, an orange tangerine as a nose and he drew a mouth on with his finger. When he put the face on it was time to go to bed. In the middle of the night he woke up and looked out of his bedroom window, and his snowman was still there. He got back in bed and got back out to check. James went downstairs to have a look and his snowman had come to life! He opened the door and went out to meet his snowman. He brought the snowman into his house and took him into lounge. The snowman sat down and poked the black cat. The cat was scared away and the snowman fell into the Christmas tree and James turned on the Christmas lights. The snowman sat on a chair and James the TV on. The snowman started getting very hot from the fire so they had to go out. They went upstairs into the mum and dads room. The snowman put makeup on and put on James’ Dads clothes. James took the clothes from the snowman and put it all away. They went into James bedroom and the snowman started dancing. When he was finished dancing they went back downstairs and back outside. They find a black motorbike and whizz it round the outside of the house. They zoom into the woods and then back into the white garden. The snowman grabbed James’ hand and began running until they were flying. They flew over mountains and over the ocean until they reached the North Pole. There were lots of other snowmen and they all had a big party. Father Christmas was there and gave James a present. It was a lovely blue scarf with little snowmen on it. They flew back to the house and James said goodbye to the snowman. He went back to bed. In the morning, he ran back downstairs to check on his snowman but when he got outside his snowman had gone. He had melted. James was very sad. He took the scarf out of his pocket and looked at it sadly.

How to build a snowman

You will need:

  • Snow
  • carrot
  • 2 pieces of coal
  • 10 small stones
  • hat
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • 2 sticks

1.Firstly, roll a big ball of snow about the size of a cars wheel.

2.Secondly,  roll another ball that is smaller than the first ball.

3.Next carefully stack the smaller ball on top of the bigger ball.

4.Then get a carrot and place into the smaller ball for the nose.

5.When you have done that stick 2 stones in the small ball above the nose.

6.After that put 2 sticks into the side of the bigger ball.

7.Next place a pair of gloves on the end of the sticks.

8.Penultimatly, put a  hat on top of the smaller ball.

9.Finally, wrap a scarf around where the 2 balls meet because this is the neck.