Have you ever heard of gentle, calm animal Toothless? Toothless is a crazy ,funny dragon. Read this report and you will find out about this creatures appearance , habitat ,hobbies and diet.


Toothless is a shiny moonlight colour  with smooth scales and bright, bold red legs .He has got a red dot on his head and it symbolises that he is Indian. Toothless is not easy to identify since he is the size of cat.


Toothless eats grass, hay and leaves. He does not eat any meat not even pork that means he is a vegetarian.


Toothless lives in the hot country India on a desert with all the  trees and all his friends.


Toothless hobbies are water volleyball and swimming with dolphins because it makes him look camouflage and dolphins are his friends. He loves and adores volleyball and water so he can play water volleyball. If you see this creature in  winter leave vegetable peelings out not fruit peelings or else…