The lightning dragon

What do they look like?

The lightning dragon has a cherry, and yellow tail. Also he has a red and yellow paton . Lightning has purple eyes. He has yellow and cherry wings. Also he is a multi-coloured  dragon.

Where do they live?

You can find him in a dark forest in Manchester.

What do they enjoy doing?

Lightning likes to play to in the trees, and hills. He likes to play football.

What do they eat?

Lightning only likes to eat pizza.

How can people protect them?

People can protect them by, in the snowy weather, giving them vegetaball peelings.



Unicorn Dragon is a Dragon who eats party poppers and berps out the confetti from the party popper and as well and as well she farts out the confetti! Her favavorite thing is eating with all of her friends. Unicorn dragon loves to eat very weird but most hearts.


My unicorn dragon lives all over the world mostly in Poland and Oceans and Engaland.


We can help animals by leaving out party poppers or balloons  to make these animals happy.  Animals like these are indangerd and will always be nice to humans and some right be loving pets that are in a family to seam lovely pets.

Bolton rock horns

This species is called Bolton rock horn and is only seen in daytime.

What do they look like?

The Bolton rock horn has a light grey body and a huge scaly tail with a  giant rock bolder on the end. They have 2 red horns and 2 spiky black wings.

Where do they live?

Bolton rock horns live in gardens full of small and vast rocks and pebbles. Sometimes they travel to different contries to find rocks.

What do they eat?

Bolton rock horns like to eat popcorn, leaves and gravle.

Inferno dragons

The fire dragon, Inferno, is a rare dragon which is an orange colour, has a long tail, sharp claws, sharp teeth and square wings. However, when they are born they are red.

Infernos like to burn trees and play hide and seek! When they play hide and seek, they burn trees and hide in the flames.

This species is a vegetarian which means they only eat grass,  leaves, carrots, bananas and strawberries but don’t eat meat. They also eat potatoes, apples and lots of fruit and vegetables.

They can be found in dark, gloomy rainforests in south America. They live in rainforests because there are lots of trees to play hide and seek.



The lime dragon

The dragon look s’ like a monster. The dragon is a lime dragon he is called Charley. He is a swell dragon.

In fact they live in lime trees’ and Charley is vast dragon. He lives in caves.

The dragon loves to play lots of games and loves chess.

The dragon loves pizza coco bar. Mc Donald’s Donuts and coke

He leaves me alone at home he. Goss to get .The food so we can savage and play games.

The Manchester Ridgeback

The Manchester Ridgeback is a rare form of dragon which is only seen at night.  They are born with a yellowish tinge and is a dark green colour. Ridgebacks have no care in hoarding treasure or valuable stones.

They are only interested in playing chess.  In fact several of them have become world champions! Dragonologist might have been mistaken then the Ridgebacks will be hunted!

People say that all dragon lovers should leave out vegetable peelings out, especially in snowy weather.

The Water Dragon


The Water Dragon looks like a blue, scaly dragon. Which has a dark green glow in its eyes like a rainforest. Also it has an enormous fin which is a turquoise colour. This creature is the size of a dog.


However Water Dragons live in the Atlantic ocean or in any other cold waters in the world, mostly in Antarctica. The South is where they ought to be because it is cold there in the South.


The dragon likes to play with dolphins a lot. Also some have become world champions at racing dolphins (another sport they love)

The fire candy


The fire dragon is rare form of dragon. It hides in trees long grass to . Some dragons          are really shy . The type of dragon my dragon is a ridgeback. fire dragon only eats candy chocolate or KFC SOME DRAGON don’t eat at all.


Ridgeback live in gardens because they can be pets because they are no danger to humans. Long grass because they can hide in it. TREES with big chunks of leaves so they can sleep.


Dragons like playing chess. several have come world chanpians.


Manchester Rigeback

What is Manchester Ridgeback?

The Manchester Ridgeback is a rare form of dragon which is only seen at night. The Ridgeback is the smallest dragon in the British Isles. The majorty are the size of a cat. An adult Ridgeback is a Dark, green colour which enables it to hide in trees and tall grass. Juveniles are born with a yellowish tinge.

Where can you find Manchester Ridgeback dragons?

The Manchester Ridgeback is found across the city of Manchester and ecpecilly in parks and gardens where they feel safest. Also they nest in fur trees. This speices is mysterious because they only fly at night.

What do Manchester Ridgebacks like?

Ridgeback are only interested in gold, silver or any valuable stones. They are only interested in playing chess, in fact several Ridgebacks has become world champions!

Dragononologists and Manchester Ridgebacks!

Dragonologists have been concerned that for many years that some Ridgebacks might be mysterious for our spieces there for to be hunted. To protect these mysterious and beautiful creatures all dragon lovers should leave out vegetables  peelings  it would be distrastorous if a nother species of dragon was extinct!

The Triplet Riplet

Appearance. The Triplet Riplet is a fat form of dragon. He also has dark green eyes he is also multi-coloured. And he also has 6 wings which means 3 on each side.

location. The Triplet Riplet is found only in Ancient Temples across the world and it lays deep underground. But watch out theres a guard!

hobbies  The Triplet Riplet is interested in nothing. But eating and ripping peoples heads off.

food The Triplet Riplet only eats sweets, chips, nuggets and people.

how can people protect them. People wont want to protect him because he eats people.