The story of the snowman

There  was once a little boy he woke up in shock he looked out the window the was lost of snow the boy raced downstairs quickly he put his socks and shoes on and ran outside first he made foot prince  then through a snowball at the window.  He got a good idea he  would build a snowman . First he would build a snowman’s body. Next the little boy got a tangerine for the nose. Then he got two sticks for the arm. After that he got a black hat and he placed it on the head and next he got a scarf then rapped it around the neck. It was time for the bed  the boy couldn’t sleep he sneaked down stairs and he looked outside and suddenly the snowman came to life he worked to the door he opened it and they quietly they sneaked into mum and dads room then went back downstairs the snowman took the little boy outside and ran and the snowman junped   and then they was flying they landed at the Northpole and met father chistmas   they had a party for hours then it was time to go home the little boy went strate upstairs  in the morning the snow man was gone the little boy was sad         the end

The story of the snowman

One night a little boy tucked under the covers in his bed was tossing and turning and he couldn’t stand it no longer so he got up out of the really warm bed. He looked out of his bedroom window and found out that it was snowing his whole garden was flooded with snow and little birds playing in the snow. The little boy got undressed and ran down the wooden stair case where he met his dad coming up the stairs and he ran in the kitchen and found his mum washing up, he was going to go out side but he forgot his socks so he rushed them on to his feet.  He put his welly boots on and his mother put a hat on him and out he ran gazing at the wonderful snow, he walked and he walked and he walked and he dangled off a tree. He made a snowball and accidentally  hit the window and his mother came out shouting at the boy.

He built a snowman and made a round ball for his face.He got a hat and scarf from his mother and put them on him then he got a tangerine and put it in the middle of his face then he got 5 pieces of coal 2 at the top of his head and 3 as his buttons on his body.When he looked out of the door and the snowman had come to life!He came into he house and started making trouble Then they started flying together then they met father christmas and they started dancing then father christmas gave the little boy a present

How to build a snowman .

You will need:

one scarf

one hat

one carrot or one tangerine

two sticks

two coals

two stones

  1. First Roll one ball for his head like a football of snow
  2. Next Roll two more left for his body  another ball of snow
  3. Then Use two coals for his eyes .
  4. Get two sticks and put them in the arms
  5. have the stones for the mouth .
  6. have one carot or one tanterean .

two coals

two sticks

two stones


How to build a Snowman

You will need:

  • Snow.
  • Carrot.
  • Sticks.
  • Tangerine.
  • Stones.

1.Firstly roll a ball like a football.

2.Secondly, stack the two balls on top of each other.

3.Thirdly put a tangerine on his nose.

4.Then you need to put some stones on his body.

5.Carefully put some sticks on his body.

6.Next put a hat and scarf on him.

7.Finally, put buttons for the eyes.



How to build a snowman

You will need:

  • Snow
  • carrot
  • 2 pieces of coal
  • 10 small stones
  • hat
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • 2 sticks

1.Firstly, roll a big ball of snow about the size of a cars wheel.

2.Secondly,  roll another ball that is smaller than the first ball.

3.Next carefully stack the smaller ball on top of the bigger ball.

4.Then get a carrot and place into the smaller ball for the nose.

5.When you have done that stick 2 stones in the small ball above the nose.

6.After that put 2 sticks into the side of the bigger ball.

7.Next place a pair of gloves on the end of the sticks.

8.Penultimatly, put a  hat on top of the smaller ball.

9.Finally, wrap a scarf around where the 2 balls meet because this is the neck.



How to build a Snowman

You will need:

  • Snow.
  • 2 Sticks.
  • 1 Tangerine or carrot.
  • 7 Stones.
  • 1 Hat.
  • 1 Scarf.

1. Firstly, roll a ball the size as a football.

2. Next roll an even bigger ball for the body.

3.After that get the sticks for the arms.

4.Then put 2 stones on the top the snowman’s face.

5. Finally put 1 tangerine or carrot in the middle of his face.


The Snowman

Your English homework this week is to watch the clip below and retell the story of the Snowman. You should post your retell on the blog in the comments section.

When you are writing, think about:

  • Sentence openers
  • Punctuation  . A , “” ! ?
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions – so, because, until, for, but, and, nor
  • Paragraphs

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