The curious case of Marther mouse

  • The curious case of Marther mouse.

Once Upon a time they lived a mouse

named marther she is very mysterious

 But also very magical.

she lived in the same house for over 28 years

Marther has a very spectacular home

over the years she has built a princess palace for herself.

marther does not live alone in her house she shares with her family who are humans mum dad cat and last of all her best friend Amy .

for almost 28 years she has been best friends with amy  they have had lots of magical times And been on the best of adventures.

here is one to tell you , get ready Marther and amy  decide one day to play in the bathroom while parents were out of sight , they was playing with toothpaste putting it all over the bathroom as Marther is only small kacey could not see , she knocked Marther over and dropped her down the toilet Marther is going round and round in circles magical Marther then huddles her self up , then kacey has to put her hands all down the toilet to save her yuk yuk

upon a time ago Amy also got marther stuck in the washer and Amy’s mummy hadn’t realised and marther was spinning in the washer with her magic she came through the pipes in the back garden.

every night when amys  parents said goodnight sweet dreams princess cheeky Marther jumped in her bed and lay by her side every night for 28 years

As Amy was growing up she stlll loved to spend time with marther they sat in the garden eat cheese and crackers all day at weekends but something would change.

amy now growing up now 25 was starting become more busy with her life marther was still around but felt sad sometimes as Amy did not spend as much time with her as she did in the older days , her parents left her the house as they moved to America for a long while

marther loved Amy and Amy loved marther but now Amy is having a baby, marther was so excited to play with the baby like she used to do with Amy when Amy was a young child

a few years passed with Amy having her own family she didn’t spend as much time with marther  , she still called and checked on her and left her cheese and crackers , so marther decided she would go on her own adventure and find her family a shock decision as for 28 years she lived in her princess palace.

she left her little things with a note for Amy saying goodbye the letter read dear Amy I have had the best years love you ,   and that was it no one has ever seen marther again not even her best friend Amy , hopefully Marther will have her new family but who know’s it’s the curious case of Mather mouse

to be continued……

by kacey tomkinson

year 3 st Thomas of Canterbury school