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  1. Many years ago there lived a brave, young man called Joseph. Joseph lived with his mum and his annoying step-brother, the Pied Piper. When they had both grown up, Joseph heard that the Pied Piper had kidnapped the children of lovely London.

    Joseph travelled to the capital and met the Queen. The Queen explained what had happened and how he took the children. So the Queen agreed to reward him if only he could save the children. There was only one thing for it. He set off on his handsome horse.

    Finally, after a long search, he found a doorway leading to an old restricted factory. He fiercely marched up to the Pied Piper and had a fight…

    Joseph decided to punch the Pied Piper in the stomach and smashed the cages open! All two hundred, skinny, bony children ran free and as the fight continued, Joseph pushed the Pied Piper ,who had cuts as red as a rose, into a cage and they all went safely home . And that’s the last they heard from the Pied Piper !

    By Erica

  2. Sequel to the Pied Piper- by Alice L
    Once upon a time, there was a young lady called Alison. She was small, friendly and polite. Alison loved to travel around the world, until she arrived at a small village called Lipton. There were no children, just lonely adults. All of their children had been kidnapped, by a man called Multi-Coloured Mark, who was very mischievous. Alison was a chef at home, but she always longed to be a hero. She had green eyes, brown hair and a long flowery dress. People said that her eyes were as green as apples, and they were!
    Quickly, the town begged Alison to rescue their children, they were heart broken. Alison only went to Lipton because she had heard on the radio, about how empty it was and how a person called Multi-Coloured Mark had disturbed the town with his mischief. The town didn’t know about Alison at all, but they put their trust in her. Eagerly, Alison said yes and set off to find their children.
    Nervously, she thought about her decision. She was beginning to regret her decision, but she carried on as she didn’t want to let down the people of the town. She travelled over steep rocky mountains and through tiring hot deserts, until she reached the forest. Alison found the children locked up in a cage, near a camp fire. She slowly turned her back and saw Multi-Coloured Mark! Angrily, Alison started to fight with Mark. She pushed him into the campfire and found the key to the cage.
    Cheerfully, she unlocked the cage, set the children free and returned them safely back to Lipton. A few hours later, Multi-Coloured Mark arrived. He said sorry for tricking them, and they lived happily ever after!
    Alice L Year 4c

  3. Wow! What a fantastic story Alice. You have used lots of fronted adverbials and have remembered to add commas. You are a star! Mrs Bolton

  4. Once upon a time, there was a slim, adventurous man called Billy. He was as slim as a rake. He was the Pied Piper’s dad. He liked travelling from place to place. Travelling one day, he arrived in Humbilton where his son lived. Approaching the elders of the town he asked “have you seen my son the Pied Piper?” They replied ” He took away all of our children”. Billy shocked, retorted ” Surely, that cant be true.”
    Walking around the town, Billy went to see if he could find any children. He couldn’t find any anywhere. The elders asked him for help”Please help us find the children”,
    As quick as a flash, Billy agreed. He asked the elders which direction they had gone in. Boldly, he left over wide, raging rivers and steep, rocky mountains. Bravely approaching. a dark, cave he could hear the children in the distance. He softly said” I’m here to rescue you”. A cold, voice from behind him said ” no, you’re not!” Nervously, knowing he had to protect the children, Billy leapt on the Pied Piper, punching and kicking him. He threw him with all his strength onto the burning hot camp fire.
    Happily, the children skipped down the mountain and into the welcoming arms of their parents.
    Gratefully, the elders gave Billy all of their money and they all lived happily ever after. Billy was told he would always be most welcome to the town of Humbilton.
    By Amelie S

  5. One day in the town, a young woman called Alexia came to down town. She wore a small, pleasant, flowy, turquoise dress. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She realised there were no children.

    Soon Alexia met the elders of the town and they told her how they have no children. Actually they told her the Pied Piper took the children and Alexia is actually the Pied Pipers big sister.

    So she set off to find her little brother. She swam across the river and ran up the hill. Until she found a magic door on the hill and she opened the door. She saw cages made of rock and the children were in side of them. All the children were as cold as ice.

    The Piped Piper started a fight her her. Then Alexia took out her magic ukulele and played a special song. A massive ZAP came out of the ukulele!!! This turned the Pied Piper to stone. Alexia then opened all the cages and let out the children. They were so happy to see her and they all ran back to the town, whilst Alexia played a fun, cheerful song for them.

    By Niamh M

  6. The Pied Piper by Ali Zaheer
    One rainy day there lived, a young, brave, boy called Graham. He loved to travel all the time from place to place and back and forth. In the distance, he could see a small, petite village. Quickly, he hurried to see what was happening . When he got more and more closer he could sense a dastardly, disgusting smell. Unexpectedly, he felt like he was in ghost town . Graham didn’t know what to do.

    He went to one of the royal guards from the monumental gorgeous castle. The royal guard told Graham an awful story. It was about h0w the children had been led of by a mysterious, horrendous stranger. Graham couldn’t believe what happened, so he decided to save the poor, kidnapped children.

    Bravely, Graham climbed a thundering steep mountain, and then kills a dreadful gang of zombies and goes over some microscopic parkour jumps until he finds a horrifying cave. Without a sound he crept into the cave but then he see’s a piper man with a jail cell, luckily he was able to find the seventeen stranded , skinny children.

  7. I loved the way you did a lot of detale amazing ali and you did a lots of ajectives which I loved about it . You also did a lot of paragrphs which not many people did in your class.

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