Crazy Creatures by Savannah

My crazy creature is a squirrel called Squiggle, he is blue with two big bushy tails. He lives in a huge tree in Moss Bank Park, Squiggle spends his time running around the park collecting acorns which he stores in his tree. He loves to hide in there and play tricks on people, he’s very naughty especially when he drops acorns on peoples heads that pass under his tree.
So be warned next time your on the park and you feel something on your head, it might just be Squiggle playing a trick on you.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Creatures by Savannah

  1. Hi Savannah I love your blog about the crazy creatures it is very funny and I like squiggle he sounds like fun to play with. I hope the next time I go to Haigh Hall I find a squirrel like squiggle.

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