Facts about Anthony Browne by Emma

Anthony Browne’s Childhood He was born on the 11th of September,1946. When he was young his dream job was a boxer,cartoonist or a journalist as his career ambition. His favourite book as a child was Fudge in Toffee Town by Ken Reid.At night his parents would read him and his brother fairytales from that he learned to appricate the thrill,fear and oddness of these wonderful stories.Intresly,They did have a copy of Alice in Wonderland with the original Tenniel illustrastions,and although I found the grotesqueness of the subjects a little,it was the brilliant line drawings that drew me to the book.
Anthony Browne’s family
His mum was called Doris May Browne.His dad was called Jack Browne.He also had a brother but no sisters his brother was called Michael Browne.His wife was named Jane Franklin.
Other facts
Anthony Browne is 70.He has written about 40 books I don’t know the exact number.

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