Mother Theresa by Conor Gettinby

  • She never saw her mother or sister again after leaving home to become a missionary.
    • She once traveled through a war zone to rescue 37 children from the front lines.
    • she worked almost up until her death on September 5, 1997.
    • Mother Teresa was born in Uskub Ottoman Empire on August 26, 1910
  • Her birth name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. When she was 36 years old, Mother Teresa felt the call from God to help the poor of India.
    • She received some basic medical training and then set out to help the sick and needy
    • In 1931, she took her vows as a nun and chose the name Teresa
    •  Agnes began her missionary work in Darjeeling, India In 1950, Mother Teresa formed a group within the Catholic Church called the Missionaries of Charity
    • It takes around 9 years of service to become a full member of the Missionaries of Charity.
    • She had very little support and, while trying to feed and help the poorest of the poor, she herself was constantly hungry and even had to beg for food.
    • She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979
    • She received numerous awards for all her charity work including the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Ronald Reagan.
    • She worked almost up until her death on September 5, 1997

Facts about Mother Teresa – Jude Dewhurst

Mother Teresa was born in Uskub (Republic of Macedonia) on August 26, 1910. Her father died when she was aged eight. Her birth name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. When she turned 18, Agnes joined the Sisters of Loreto to become a missionary to India. She spent a year in Ireland learning to speak English.

Her entire life was fully devoted to helping the poor, the sick, the needy, and the helpless. When she was 36 years old, Mother Teresa decided to help the poor of India. While trying to feed and help the poorest of the poor, she herself was constantly hungry and even had to beg.

In 1950, Mother Teresa formed a group within the Catholic Church called the Missionaries of Charity.When she first started the Missionaries of Charity there were only 13 members. Today, the group has over 4,000 members who care for people all over the world.

She once traveled through a war zone to rescue 37 children from the front lines. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Rather than have the traditional Nobel honor banquet, she asked that the money for the banquet be donated to the poor of India.

She died September 5, 1997 in Calcutta  India. Mother Teresa now called Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was canonised (made a saint) by Pope Francis on the 4th September 2016.

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Mother Teresa facts

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was born on the 27th August 1910. She always wrote her birthday as the 27 August because that was the day of her baptism, which was always more important to her than her birth. Mother Teresa’s birth name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.  Six years later, in 1928 , an 18-year-old Agnes Bojaxhiu decided to become a nun and set off for Ireland to join the Sisters of Loreto in Dublin. It was there that she took the name Sister Mary Teresa after Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. Also she was a Roman Catholic nun, who devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world. She spent many years in Calcutta, India where shed founded the Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need.On 19 October 2003, she was beatified as “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta”. A second miracle was credited to her intercession by Pope Francis, in December 2015, paving the way for her to be recognised as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. Her canonisation is scheduled for 4 September 2016.                                                                                                                                                                          Related imageImage result for mother teresa facts for kids

Crazy Creatures By Amelie

My name is Fibblebop and I live in a magical kingdom far away called Lapland. I’m invisible to you humans but I do enjoy coming to watch you. You do the most funny things! Happily, I help the elves and the other creatures on Lapland. Voldobag is my enemy, he wants to spread darkness through the world however I will do everything with in my power to prevent him.

Although I am small, my magical, transparent wings keep me out of harms way. Cleverly, they can detect enemies from a range of 20 miles. So luckily, I’m always one step ahead.

Crazy Creature Competition

Kenny the Curious Chameleon
by Erica

There was once a chameleon called Kenny, who could camouflage himself so well he became invisible. One Wednesday, he hopped onto a fur coat that a woman was trying on.
As she came out of the changing room to show off, Kenny relaxed and snuggled into the fur. Suddenly… PRHHAH! He let out an enormous trump!
“What do you think?” she asked the manager.
“Erm…stunning!” he gasped, embarrassed.
They were thinking how smelly the other one was when Kenny slipped and fell off.
“It was him!” they yelled, relieved.
The manager asked the woman out and they lived happily evermore.

Crazy Creature

My crazy creature is called Gruesome Greg. He is purple with yellow stripes, his beady eyes can shoot out snot as fast as bullets and it usually lands on unsuspecting year 4 pupils. His horrendous breath can paralyse a person with one whiff! On a daily basis, he loves eating teachers, homework and all the school writing books, with pesky pupils for pudding. His enemy is the school council who are always trying to capture him. However, Gruesome Gregg is hard to find as he lives inside a very unsuspicious looking tree just at the side of the school playground.


My crazy creature story by Ethan Birch

Destroyer felt left out because his mum and dad could breathe fire but he couldn’t.  He wondered why they had named him Destroyer.  He had blue fur like a bear and a long tail like a dinosaur.  One day, Destroyer went for a walk when suddenly a giant appeared. The giant hit him. This made Destroyer very angry. His lungs started to burn, smoke came out of his nostrils and his eyes turned bright red.  He wanted to shout but instead of words coming out, he breathed fire. The giant fled. That is how Destroyer discovered he had his power.

Crazy Creatures by Savannah

My crazy creature is a squirrel called Squiggle, he is blue with two big bushy tails. He lives in a huge tree in Moss Bank Park, Squiggle spends his time running around the park collecting acorns which he stores in his tree. He loves to hide in there and play tricks on people, he’s very naughty especially when he drops acorns on peoples heads that pass under his tree.
So be warned next time your on the park and you feel something on your head, it might just be Squiggle playing a trick on you.

Facts about Anthony Browne by Emma

Anthony Browne’s Childhood He was born on the 11th of September,1946. When he was young his dream job was a boxer,cartoonist or a journalist as his career ambition. His favourite book as a child was Fudge in Toffee Town by Ken Reid.At night his parents would read him and his brother fairytales from that he learned to appricate the thrill,fear and oddness of these wonderful stories.Intresly,They did have a copy of Alice in Wonderland with the original Tenniel illustrastions,and although I found the grotesqueness of the subjects a little,it was the brilliant line drawings that drew me to the book.
Anthony Browne’s family
His mum was called Doris May Browne.His dad was called Jack Browne.He also had a brother but no sisters his brother was called Michael Browne.His wife was named Jane Franklin.
Other facts
Anthony Browne is 70.He has written about 40 books I don’t know the exact number.