Winmarleigh Hall 2018

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We are very close to our residential at Winmarleigh Hall. We know you are all very excited as are your teachers. Please share on our blog what you are most looking forward to.

What activities are you hoping to do?

What challenge/goal have you set yourself?

How do you feel about an overnight stay with your friends?

Are there any questions you would like to ask?

When you come back, you will be sharing your exciting adventures here.

We will print off some posts for our corridor, Winmarleigh Hall display.

Please use your best English writing skills and try out some great sentence openers.

Don’t forget full punctuation and no text speak.
We look forward to reading all your comments.

75 thoughts on “Winmarleigh Hall 2018

    • I’m realy exited for Winmarleigh Hall beacause of all the zipwires, giant swings and all the othe activities. I think I will enjoy it so much ch that I want to go again!!!

      By Sam

    • I’m realy exited for Winmarleigh Hall beacause of all the zipwires, giant swings and all the othe activities. I think I will enjoy it so much ch that I want to go again!!!

      By Sam

  1. In Winmarleigh, I am hoping to do all the big activities because I love high things. I am also excited to spend the night with my friends (it will be like a big sleepover!) I hope the food is nice and me and my friends have a good time. My goal is to go on the big swing and the obstacle course


  2. I’m soooo excited for Winmarleigh Hall. I wish we could go now. I get to stay over night with my friends, I just have sleep overs with 1 friend but not with about 5-6 friends!! >_< YAY!! I wonder how fun the activity's will be? I hope we will be doing hiking.

  3. This year at Winmarleigh hall i am really excited to go on the big swing because it sounds really fun. Also i am really looking forward to the zip wire because it looks really long and fun.
    The challenge/goal i have set my self in Winmarley hall is to listen carefully because i normally do not listen in class.
    I am really excited to sleep over with my friends because i have never slept with them before but i do not know who put me down on their list so i cant wait to find out who i am with.
    I wanted to ask you when do we wake up?and when do we go to sleep?
    When i come back from Winmarley hall i will share all of my adventures on the blog.

  4. I am really looking forward to going on the zip wire and finding out who is in my room and who is in my group. I have set the challenge to go on every obstacle (only if they are not to high) I am super excited hopefully it will be as awesome as my sleep over. There are absolutely no questions I would like to ask I am just so excited!

  5. Aoife Sessions I’m looking forward to the big swing and the zip line. I am aiming for to,try new things and be brave.Excited for staying overnight with my friend. What are the other activities❓What will if I get scared❓

  6. I am looking forward to the huge swing and the frightening zip line,I have set my goals as I Don’t like being away from my family (mum).Overall I’m very excited to be spending some fun time with my friends.
    From Amelia

    • You will love the huge swing. Please don’t worry about missing home – you will be so busy and having so much fun that you won’t have time to be home-sick.

  7. I’m Really excited as my sister has told me loads about Winmarleigh Hall and all of the activities we do there! One of the activities i would really like to do is abseiling. A challenge I have set for myself is to ace all of the activities!!!! I am SO excited about having a sleepover with my Friends. There are 2 Questions i would like to ask: What is the first activity and how long will the journey take?

    • I am not sure what your first activity will be at the moment but I know you will love it. We are only travelling to Preston so it is not a long journey.

  8. With Winmarleigh coming soon, I have been thinking about what I am looking forward to the most. My decision is that I am excited about going on the big swing. I also can’t wait to carry out lots of fun activities with my friends and everyone else including abseiling down structures and climbing. Sharing a room with my friends is what I really hope will happen. If there is tasty food I will probably eat all of it! I hope that I will enjoy Winmarleigh and tell lots of jokes.

    By George

  9. What Activities am I hoping to do?

    I’m looking forward to going on the big zip wire and playing hide and seek in the woods.
    What Goals Have I Set For My Self?

    I have set 3 goals for my self while we’ll be at Winmarliegh Hall. (1)To have a go on every single activity. (2) Also, to be happy with who ever is in my room and group. (3) To have as much fun as I could possibly have!
    How Do I Feel About An Overnight Stay With My Friends?

    I feel super duper excited, I can’t wait for Thursday!
    Are Their Any Questions I Would Like To Ask?

    I would like to ask questions
    (1) How long does It take to get their on the coach?
    (2) Who am I sharing a room with?
    (3) What time will we be going to bed at?
    (4) What time will we be leaving?
    (5) Where is Winmarliegh? (what town /city )

    Alfie-James Richardson

    • Great post Alfie! You will have a wonderful time. The journey is very short – less than an hour. You will find out who you are sharing with when we get there. We have tried to ensure you will be with someone from your list. Winmarleigh is in Preston. Great questions.

  10. I am so excited for Winmarleigh hall I can’t even sleep anymore!There is two question I would like to one what are we going to eat?And second of all how many bedrooms are there in a room?I am looking forward to archery the most because I love doing archery! 🙂

    • Like Charlotte Vickers, please get plenty of good sleeps in between now and Thursday. The rooms sleep from between 6 and 10 people so plenty of friends in a room to keep you all company. Looking forward to seeing your skills with a bow and arrow.

  11. Harriet Gilbert.I am really exited because my sister has told me lots about Winmarleigh hall and about all of the activities that we do.there is 2 activities I am looking forward to and they are the big swing and absailing .The reason i like absailing is I first did it in wales at the Conway centre when I was 8 and it was so much fun.So,I can’t wait .Also I cannot wait to sleep in a room with all of my best friends ever .I wonder what the food will taste like don’t you

  12. I am really looking forward to sleeping with my friends over night, the big swing and I am really excited for the zip wire. I have got two targets which are have a great time and go on ever activity.

    Matthew B

  13. Hi Mrs Openshaw,
    I’m really exited to go to Winmarleigh Hall with the class, although I’m not looking forward to getting up at 5:30! I really like the fact that we get to bunk with our friends as I have wonderful friends and we always have fun! Even though I’m really looking forward to the high activities such as the zip line and the giant swing (I love challenges) I might be a tiny bit scared! I’d like to do lots of physically challenging activities because I love sport. I just finished buying (and finding) all of the equipment. I hardly ever stay away without my parents, so I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about that but I’m sure I’ll be absolutely fine. I really hope the food is nice and like Mrs Vickers I’m really looking forward to a full English breakfast.
    Bye Mrs Openshaw – Erin A

    • A good post, Erin. Particularly love your use of ‘Even though’. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as you will have a fantastic time and at the end of the day, when your head hits the pillow, you will be fast asleep. All the adults like to hold a hand or two or three!

  14. I am really excited for Winmarleigh Hall – only three more sleeps left! I am most looking forward to going on the big swing with my friends. I have heard that it is supposed to be amazing!
    I also can’t wait to sleep in a large room with all my friends. Luxury in having an ensuite bathroom.
    Mrs Openshaw has been going on about how nice the food is so I’m looking forward to meal times.
    I packed my suitcase a week ago so I am more than ready.

    • You are right to be excited Charlotte as it is a fantastic trip BUT please get some good night sleeps in ahead of Thursday.

  15. I am really excited for the zip line and definitely the rock climbing because I love heights. It is so cool that me and my friends get to all bunk together like a sleepover. From archery to a giant swing Winmarleigh seems awsome. I am not the happiest person for having to go to school at 7:00 AM but very happy for the fact we get a full English breakfast!

  16. I am looking forward to going to Winmarleigh hall because you get to sleep in a room with bunk beds with your friends. I really want to have a breakfast with sausages and toast. I think the activities are going to be fun and exciting. I am worried about missing my mum and dad but I do think I am going to have a really good time.

  17. Hi I’m looking forward to winmarleigh, especially the big swing and full English breakfast.
    I’m not so keen on the sensory trail, as last time I did one I got lots of bruises.

  18. I’m really looking to forward winmarleigh hall because you get to go on zipwires and go abseiling. I’m really excited for playing ambush outside too.
    Even though,I’ll like all that I’m a bit worried about the food because I might not like it .overall, I know it’s going to be the best and most brilliant school trip ever. Not long now.I can’t wait to share a room with my friends plus we get are own bathroom

  19. I am more than thrilled to go to Winmarleigh Hall. I have packed my suitcase and I am ready to go!. I love heights so I know I will enjoy the giant swing. Me and my friends are wondering what the food will taste like and also what other activities we will be doing? Staying away from home is very nerve racking even though I have been on many sleepovers but I know I will be fine as I have my friends with me. Olivia Tatlock

  20. I am more than thrilled to go to Winmarleigh Hall. I have packed my suitcase and I am ready to go!. I love heights so I know I will enjoy the giant swing. Me and my friends are wondering what the food will taste like and also what other activities we will be doing? Staying away from home is very nerve racking even though I have been on many sleepovers but I know I will be fine as I have my friends with me. Olivia Tatlock

  21. One more sleep until Winmarleigh hall. I am looking forward to the zipline and the big swing even though I am a bit scared of heights. It will be like a massive sleepover with all my friends. I am so glad we get this opportunity. This is going to be super fun. Winmarleigh here we come!

  22. I am really looking forward to our big trip tomorrow, especially because I am with all of my friends and I am sure we will all have a great time . I am mostly looking forward to the big swing and the climbing , because I love outdoor activities like this . PS hopefully we will all get a good night sleep for the next day .


  23. Hello Mrs Openshaw,
    I really liked Winmarleigh Hall especially the giant swing, that was my favourite part of the entire trip but everything else was really fun too. To my surprise, the food was delicious, I really liked the spicy chicken burger and the chicken curry! I was really happy with who I was bunking with as they are all really kind and funny. Our instructor Mikey was really fun, I loved the songs he sang and the quiz he did with us. After telling my family about it, my sister (Meghan) is really keen to go!
    From Erin A.

  24. I had an amazing time at Winmarleigh Hall, the big swing was really fun but scary at the same time, I also liked the wonderful food they had especially the chicken burger!

  25. I was so excited when we first got on the coach. As soon as we got there we made teams, I was with all of my friends. We were in group 3 with Mrs Bremner and Mrs Wheelon.

    One of my favorite activities was the zip-wire, I liked archery as well but my most favorite one is the big swing. I also liked our night activity’s, it was fun, I liked the one were we had to take our shoes off and then stack them up into a tower. Our team won!!! But I didn’t really like the activity when we first got there. We had to get a map and find the way to the end of the cones. there is an activity where there is obstacles it was kind of fun.

    • I am delighted that you had such a good time. It really is a fabulous experience. I can’t wait to see the iMovie that you will make during our computing lessons.

  26. winmarleigh hall was so fun I had a really good time and I was so excited the night before that the next day I woke up at 4:00 and then went back to sleep

    I still cant believe that I did the zipwire and the big swing it was really fun

  27. When I first got on the coach , I felt that I was going to have a great and exiting time at Winmarleigh hall . My favourite activity was the big swing because I went to the top and Sochi and I swooped in the air and we were screaming in laughter . Also Sochi thought he was going to fall out ,we were so high !!! Also the food was super dooper tasty and I most enjoyed the last lunch we had because it was chicken burger and chips which is my favourite. The room I slept in was the best room ever because I had Sochi, Leo, Daniel , Max , Jakub and Finley and we were the best room on our floor so we were allowed to have breakfast before the other people on our floor did. But we missed Noah and hope he is feeling better.

    • That is so kind of you to mention Noah, George. We did miss him. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much and I hope that it was all caught on film.

  28. I had a great time! The zip wire was so fun also archery was great and I almost hit the middle yellow part. When me and Taylor were the first on the big swing it wasn’t scary but it was so fun.

    • Not many people have mentioned archery and it was one of the activities I enjoyed too. It’s good to have feet on firm ground for a while! Well done on a near bullseye!

  29. My favorite thing was going on the big swing it was great fun. We got to sleep in bunk beds it was fun to share with my friends. I enjoyed sharing a room with Jessica, Francesca, Aafrah, Martina and Divine. The food was good because one day we got to have burgers and chips. We sang songs on the coach and it was nice to spend time with Mrs Whitman in my group. I missed my family and Logan the dog. It was my mum’s birthday on Friday so I wanted to get back so I could wish her happy birthday. Winmarleigh Hall is the best trip that I have been on.

    • I hope you had a lovely birthday weekend with your mum. I bet she was pleased to have you back for her big day. Well done for having a go on all the activities.

  30. I really enjoyed Winmarleigh hall especially the big swing (I went on with Charlotte!) and the zipwire. Surprisingly, the food was extremely tasty and my favourite meal was my chicken burger and chips which I had for lunch. I was very pleased with my room mates (Charlotte, Grace, Amelia, Erin and Erin!) and we had a really big room. Thank you to everybody that helped out on our trip and made it an unforgettable one!


    • Thank you Georgia. It was a pleasure to take you all. We look forward to reading your recount and watching all the action on your iMovie.

  31. I loved Winmarleigh Hall. I especially enjoyed the giant swing and the zip wire! The giant swing because when you pulled the string, it got your tummy as you went flying across the sky. Whereas the zip wire, seemed completed as the instructor talked you through the steps but was actually easy, once you had launched yourself off the tower! After the exhilarating activities, we enjoyed scrumptious food. I had the amazing opportunity to sleep in the same room as all of my friends. Understandably, we were all very tired and went to sleep – eventually!

  32. I loved my trip to Winmarleigh Hall!
    My favourite part was the giant swing as it went really high. Also sharing a room with all my friends was great fun although I didn’t get much sleep.
    I would love to go on a trip like that again.

    Ava Rose

  33. winmarleigh hall was amazing.
    my favourite things about Winmarleigh hall:

    *The big swing was epic because it gave me that weird belly feeling that you get if you go over a bump in the car and you didn’t have to wait around because when it wasn’t your go you were pulling the people who were on the swing up.

    *The zipwire was amazing because it felt that you were floating in the air almost and you were about 15 metres in the air. Plus the instructor gave me a big push and he went 1…2…3 and off I went zooming through the sky and I found out it is the 2nd longest zipwire in Europe.

    *I loved the rooms because I had my #BFF’s with me which includes Charlotte, Erin A , Georgia, Amelia and Grace. The best part about the rooms was were you could go crazy because we had 1 hour and 38 mins not including sleep.

    *The food was amazing, my favourite was the chicken burger and chips although, Charlotte went to the menu to see what was for tea and saw chilli kon karne and wanted too stay as it is her favourite meal.

    *Mikey was really fun I loved his song about the fizzy pop and the night activity was amazing my favourite challenge was the shoe tower. I loved at the end when we had to make the spaceship and tell Mikey a joke to get some tape.

    • A great post, Erin. We did a lot and had so much fun! Thank you for giving us a thorough account. We are looking forward to watching all the action in your movie.

  34. I am so glad that I went to Winmarleigh Hall last week it was soooo exciting. My favourite activity was the giant swing. As soon as you pull the cord you go soaring through the air!!!!!! The meals were a thumbs up for me. I was right when I said I wouldn’t need to worry about sleeping . Winmarleigh was the best trip ever!!!!!

  35. I enjoyed the zip wire because it was fun and very fast but I didn’t like the big swing and I felt sick after it . Challenge course was fun but very muddy.I shouted, “You can do it Alxeia!”

  36. When I arrived at the coach i felt nervous yet excited.I was really looking forward to the zipwire.when I reached the top of the tower my heart was beating so fast as soon as I jumped of it felt like an eagle soaring through the clear blue sky . The lunch was so good especially the burger and chips it was perfect for the journey back . I was thrilled with the people i got for my room :these people are jakub,George,Daniel,Leo,Sochi and Finley. It was sooooo good

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