Welcome to Year 6 Blog Area

Welcome to our Year 6 Blog Zone!


To further improve our blogging skills, we are going to be using this tool to support us in some of our English work. Below you will find a task to complete. Make sure you are thinking about all the writing skills you have been working on in class when you add to this blog. We will look forward to reading your comments and encouraging each other, through offering positive feedback.  



8 thoughts on “Welcome to Year 6 Blog Area

  1. I was really excited when i saw the rough-looking on on the key stage one roof.We had only just came back from the easter holidays so at first i thought it will have been a colossal easter egg .
    As soon as we got into our classrooms there was a buzz of excitement me and my friends were asking each other what we think it could me . Some of my friends thought it was either a easter egg ,yolk,a pterodactyl or even a unicorn egg .Personally i though it was a unicorn egg . It was rather fascinating .To this day i am wondering what this mysterious egg is .

    • Can you repost this in the comments for “What is inside the egg?” as it is currently in the wrong area. I like your idea though.

  2. The lost Puppy
    It all began when I woke up on that cold , misty morning . I krept downstairs where I found my mum ready with my cosy hat , wooly scarve and my precious gloves ( which I received from my great grandma for my birthday ) . Lastly , I threw my coat on top . I found myself standing outside . There was snow alover the country , not one little bit wasn’t covered . It was such a long time until I reached the bakery , normally it would have took me around thirty minutes and forty five minutes . On the way to the bakery I found a snack in my coat pocket . I ate it on the way it was only a little snack ! I was starving . On my way I found a trail of pebbles it finally led me to the bakery . I timed myself how long it took me . I glanced over to see how long it took me , it was only ten minutes . It just seemed so long it was unberleavable ! I could feel the warmth streching out as it was coming nearer and closer to me . Questioningly , I caught sight of a cardboard box . I glanced over to see what was inside it . It was a small yorkshire terrier puppy . It seemed to be lost so I decided to pick her up and take it inside . I finally bought the fresh loaf of bread . Me and the little puppy ( snowy ) headed back home . On the way I gave snowy a little bit of bread . Snowy seemed very hungry so I gave it her . By the time we got home the bread was all gone . Not even a crumb was left …

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