The Christmas Story

Religious Education/English Homework

The Christmas Story.

Watch the video of the Christmas Story and then write a recount of the events of the story as one of the characters. You can be either; one of the three wise men, a shepherd, the inn keeper, Mary, Joseph or Angel Gabriel.

Retell the events of this wonderful story, as you saw them, as one of these characters.

Religious Education focus – Accuracy of the story

English focus – Variety of sentence structures, correct use of punctuation and choice of vocabulary.

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  1. I am a wise man I saw a star one night I know it was for Jesus the king was born I just knew when I saw that star. I had to follow it I brung mare I took my camel along with me on the journey.On the journey I was very tired and sleep I had to find that star to see baby Jesus the king. I thought “this would take to long” but I wanted to see the baby boy . Once I got there I saw the baby in the crib and Mary and Joseph really excited I was to I placed the mare on the floor next to the crib. I wanted this baby to grow up being a nice,kind king.

  2. Yesterday, was the busiest time of the year. It had never been so busy. Every room was booked. It was full to the brim. I was about to put up the full sigh up but then a young couple arrived at my door. They asked if they had a spare room or anything else. I hesitated. They looked exhausted. The women was in pain, she looked as if she was about to give birth. I couldn’t just leave them. I had to do something. I thought and I thought. YES! I knew it there was a place but it wasn’t the best. The stables. I replied we do have the stable but that’s all im afraid. I thought they were going to get mad at me and leave but they were very grateful. I showed them were it was. I tried to make it cosier and neater for them but it failed. They were so kind and showed me much thanks. Even the animals liked them. I hope they get settled and the baby comes just fine. What a hectic night is has been.

  3. I am The Angel Gabriel, on that special night I played an amazing part and saw so many wonderful sights. I saw The Star rise to point the way to Baby Jesus. The Star guided the Three Wise Men on their long journey bringing their gifts fit for a king. On that night I found shepherds as they kept watch over their flock of sheep. They were sitting around a fire keeping warm not knowing what that night would bring. I hovered over them but they were too scared at first to listen to me and understand me. My bright, white garments shone so brightly that they could not see me at first. When they had stopped being frightened I spoke to them of a wonderful event, a wonderful baby and special family who would bring peace to all. I guided them to a stable in Bethlehem. At first they could not believe their eyes. A mother, a father with a baby lying in a manger surrounded by animals. As just shepherds, they felt that they did not deserve to be there yet they felt “the power of love and the force from above cleaning their souls”. As the star rested above the stable I saw The Kings arrive with their gifts which they put in front of the baby. The shepherds fell on their knees and I stayed in the sky watching such a beautiful sight of a new king of the world.

  4. Late one night I heard someone knocking on my inn door. when I opened it, stood in front of me were a man and woman I noticed that the women was pregnant sitting on a donkey. The man had asked if he and his wife could stay in my inn, despite I had no room in my inn I let them stay in my stall beside it. I had showed them the inside of the stall and I was asked to stay to see the birth of the baby also to make sure they wouldn’t be hurt by any of the animals.
    Later that night, more people had come to see the birth of the baby. I didn’t know why until a wise man stood next to me explained to me that the baby would be the son God of king of all the world. A short while later, the baby was born wrapped in a thin white sheet laid in a manger. his name was Jesus.

  5. Me and my friends were gathered round the camp at midnight chating happily.Then to our amazement,was a big light that we got blinded by. It was all silent for a moment. Then I looked up and there was Angel I was amazed.At that time questions ran through my head like why has he come?whats the news?where has he been sent from?Then my questions were answered the Angel was telling us that there was a new born saviour and his name was Jesus and we needed to go and see him.
    On our way to Bethlehem,I was wondering why we got sent to see the baby Jesus.We are just shepards and I doubt any one even knows that we are there on that hillside.Finally we reached the inn and the innkeeper just told us to go to through the inn and go to the stable but I asked him why did god send us but he didn’t reply.
    When I got in the stable I welcomed the new born saviour to this world,and its was the time when I realised that God sent us because if we lost a sheep we would go and find it and if we lost our way through our path of life he would light the way again.

  6. It was a special and exciting day,we were out in the fields watching over our flock.When suddenly a bright shining angel flew down from the sky,I was nearly blinded by the light.It was terrifying,but the angel told us that we shouldnt worry as she was bringing us good news.She said”today in the town of David a saviour has been born,he is Christ the lord,this will be a sign to you,you will find a baby rapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”I was wondering to myself why it had been us lowly shepherds chosen to see this wonderful child.So we all hurried to Bethlehem to see if this miracle had happened.When we got there we found Mary and Joseph and a baby rapped in cloths in a manger.So we went out and spread the good news to everyone.We then returned to the stable to praise the Lord and bare him with gifts.
    By Ewan

  7. On that cold dark night I could see a lady on a donkey and a man. They were knocking on other innkeeper’s doors trying to find a place to stay. I felt really sorry for them. Then they came up to me and said can we stay here for the night I said there’s no room but there’s a stable if that’s all right. The lady said that’s brilliant thank you so much. I led them to the stable where the animal’s where. The lady’s name was Mary she said she will be giving birth to God
    Minutes later when Mary gave birth to her son there was a knock at the door it was the shepherds and their sheep they said they were led by the angel. They wanted to see the baby.
    The 3 wise men where next and they were led by the shining star they brought gold frankincense and myrrh.
    At last baby Jesus was born.

  8. It was a few days back when it all happened. We were all just sat around the fire, putting the sheep to bed as we do every night, when suddenly a blinding light appeared in front of us. It seemed even brighter than the sun! It was far to bright to look at, so I just listened to the soft voice. It was telling us to follow the star to Bethlehem, as our new king had been born… the son of God! I then began to wonder why God had chosen US of all people to go to see his son before anyone else. Most people barely even know we exist up here in the hills, and obviously we are not exactly the brightest of people he could have chosen.

    It was a long and exhausting journey, but we made it. The delicate baby Jesus was lay asleep in a manger. It was a small stable cramped with animals and people, we could barely fit in! It was truly a magical sight that evening. We are still completely baffled on why God chose us, but we were delighted!
    By Charlotte.

  9. Yesterday was the most important yet exciting day of my life, for I angel Gabriel will tell the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Who will be the son of God and be named Jesus. He will be called the son of the most highest and be everyone’s shining light and inspiration. I explained to her that she would marry Joseph the descendant of David, and travel to Bethlehem to have the baby. Still looking shocked, Mary said “I am only young, I can’t do this for God, beside’s why did God choose me?” I knew Mary was the right person for this job as when God strongly believes in someone, he will not give up on them. Then I left, as I knew Mary would do have the baby and be Jesus’s mother.

    By Maya

  10. I am a wise man. One night in the middle of a desert I saw the largest,brightest star in the world . I new this was an important star because it was the brightest star in the world, a new king was going to be born. I followed this star far and wide I was really tired because we had all ready walk for a long time. I had a present for Jesus it was gold I was really looking forward to see the baby Jesus. I got closer and closer to the town where Jesus had been born. I had finally reached Bethlehem and I had gave the gold to Jesus I also worshiped him I was relived to see the new born king Jesus.

  11. Today was the day. Joesph and I were to make our way to Bethlehem. However, the only way to reach somewhere so far from Nazerath was a donkey. Yes, we could walk, but I don’t think I could possibly walk that far when I’m about to give birth! We knew it would take long, and we knew it would be tiring, but we never expected to be turned down in Bethlehem! Exhausted, worried and distressed, we knocked on at the first inn. “No room. Try the next one,” said the innkeeper. So we tried again. “No room here!” The second innkeeper said. My hope died. Bethlehem was filled with people. It was clear what the third innkeeper was about to say, but we tried anyway. What he said shocked me. He told us he had no room. He hesitated. About a second later, he told us he had a small stable. It was full of animals, but it had a on full of hay, perfect for a
    baby. Of course we took the offer, as we didn’t think there would be any room anywhere else. Hours later, the baby arrived. Tired yet relieved, calm and peaceful, I layed the baby in the manger. Suddenly, some shepherds appeared in the stable. They said that they had come to see the baby Jesus. Then there kings came into the stable. They had brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. I was delighted at the gifts. So many people had come to visit the baby! He truly was a special baby!

    By Jessica D

  12. It was a few days back when it happened. We were all sat around the fire, putting the sheep to bed and talking amongst ourselves. When suddenly a bright gleaming angel appeared out of nowhere! The angel seemed as bright as the sun. Trying to hide within the shadows, we looked up above at the angel. He was telling us to follow a bright star which would lead us to a new baby king, sent from heaven to show us the right way to live. A carousel of thoughts flooded our minds such as: why would God choose us, we’re just shepherds? Not many people know we even exist up here in the hills so why would the all mighty God want us to see the new baby king?
    When we finally reached Bethlehem, we were all still in shock that God had chosen us of all people to see the baby Jesus! God’s son was born in a small stable that they used for shelter, cramped full of farm yard animals. There he lay fast asleep in a manger full of hay. We all sat around the baby Jesus while three wise men offered: gold, frankincense and myrrh as presents. Still full of excitement that God had chosen us, we all admired the beautiful baby and left hours later.
    By Emma

    • Well done Emma, I imagine the shepherds were asking themselves questions like you suggested. Why do you think they were chosen?

  13. I’ll start from the very beginning, when it all began…
    We were all gathered around a burning logfire, telling each other hilarious jokes (as we had done the previous night). The thick, black smoke, polluted our eyes, as I listened to John telling me how something special will happen to us someday, however I didn’t believe him; nor did the others who had gone to sleep listening to him; even the sheep had curled up and ignored him. Later on, I decided to go to bed, before he started again!

    Unexpectedly, an outstanding ray of light appeared before my eyes.
    Tired, anxious and blinded, I nudged the guy beside me, indicating to the beam of light. The unexplainable light, gradually faded, allowing me to see who/what it was. A vision appeared before me, it was Angel Gabriel. He told me to make my way over to a town called ‘Bethlehem’. There you will find a baby, a baby king in a stable, accompanied by wise men and a carpenter. Without giving us moral support or advice he then just left. I then told my comrades that we had to go to Bethlehem. A certain question went through my mind, why us? Out of all the possible people, us!

    That journey was one of the most important and tiring walks I had done. We walked all night. We walked until day, until we were at breaking point. The sun shone down upon us, making us weaker every single step we took, however we had to see this baby despite these terrible conditions.

    Exhausted yet relived, excited and hungry, we eventually arrived, to the Childs town of birth!
    Just soon after we arrived, we had a vague idea of where he could possibly be, because of several crowds and commotion behind this lowly inn. We hurried over to find a wriggling baby boy in his mothers arms. Then I presented ‘baby Jesus’ with a lamb. We are still eternally grateful to this day for what God had done for us!
    (#still baffled)
    by Oliver

  14. Yesterday it was the busiest time of the year. It had never had been so busy during this busy time, everybody wanted to stay in our Inn which was pritty astonishing because we had never had as many people wanting to stay here.
    It got so busy I had to start to reject people from saying here which I wasn’t to keen on doing. Around 2:30am I heard a very faint knock at the door, as I opened the door I saw a couple who looked very tired from their travel from where they come from. I Hesitated for a moment, suddenly I had this feeling that a saviour would be born and the woman did look like she would have a baby. I felt sorry for them that I offered them my stable and the gladly took the offer. I new the animals would li,e them because they had a donky with them. At last I can rest what a stressful night has been!
    By Henry

  15. It was cold, damp night. The sky was dark and the moon was bright, it was extremely busy because everyone was registering into the inns to find a place to stay. My inn was bursting at the seams. Everyone was flocking to Bethlehem to be registered, because of the order of King Herod.
    A few minutes later, I could see a shadow coming closer and closer. It was a lady on a grey donkey with a man leading them to the various inns, but everyone was saying “Sorry no room here”. They looked tired because they could hardly open their eyes, they have probably been travelling for a very long time, they probably haven’t had anything to eat or drink for ages.
    I felt sorry for them. They came to my inn next I said “There is no room in my inn but I’ve got a stable, if that’s all right”. She said “That’s perfect, thank you so much”. I showed them to the stable where the animals where. I left them to stay in the stable
    Finally, baby Jesus was born.
    Hours later there was a knock at the door, it was the 3 wise men they said “we have come to see the new born king, we have brought him some gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh” I led them where Mary and Joseph were. The 3 wise men put the gifts down where baby Jesus lay.
    As I stood in the door of the barn, I could see the smallest of creatures, to the mightiest of rulers, bowing to the new-born King.

  16. The night began like any other night. We were sat around the blazing flames whilst we counted, fed and settled our flock to drift off into a deep sleep. At that moment, a blinding light appeared before us. We had no idea what it was. Questions swam in my overwhelmed mind. Where did it come from? What could it mean? Why is it here? As I looked up, I saw a chorus of majestic angels. They told us that we should follow the new star for a new king- not any ordinary king- had been born in the Bethlehem stable and was to grow up and be the light of the world. Raring to go and meet this baby, we packed up our few things and set off on our short journey.
    On the way, I wondered why we were chosen for this special event, why the angel came to us. Most people didn’t even know that we actually existed! The journey was filled with excitement as we looked for any sign to tell us where the stable was. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a lowly cattle shed nesting in between two inns. We rushed to see a loving mother, dressed in a blue cloth and head dress lean over the animals stall whilst her beloved husband did the same. We asked permission to see the baby who would show us the way to a perfect life. I took one look at him and I was reminded of someone I knew very well. Like the angel had said he would not be a corrupt dictator, I may not be educated but I knew one thing, this baby would grow up to be a shepherd and the world would follow him as a flock of sheep would follow its caretaker.
    By Emma

    • Wow, what an excellent retelling as one of the shepherds Emma, you have chosen some excellent vocabulary and your final sentence is very powerful.

  17. I was greeted by an Angel named Angel Gabriel, he told me that I am going to have a baby and must call it Jesus. He then said that he is a saviour of the world and that I was the chosen one, I couldent believe it. Then he just smiled then went away. It was amazing how an Angel came and told me that i was the chosen one. I was now due to have a baby at any time, but a law was announced by a man named Agustus Caesar, that anyone who was giving must go to the town were they had been born, for they had to registrate there.
    We both set off on our journey to Bethlehem from Nazareth to registrate. I was carried on a donkey because i was really tired, after all I was due to have a baby. Joseph was walking next to the donkey, leading the way to Bethlehem.
    Later that night, we came to a town which was a quiet and a peaceful place. I now needed a place to rest, for I was going to have a baby at any time. Joseph knocked at an inn keepers door, hoping he would have any room for us, but he had no room to spare. Joseph tried again at another inn keepers house, but again he was full to the brim. I began to give up hope, as Joseph tried again and knocked at a house near by, luckily he kindly gave up his stable for us and the donkey.The baby was finally here, I couldent believe it, that I was the chosen one, I am just an ordinary person. Soon after, a crowd of people came to visit this special baby, even kings which gave Jesus Frankincense, gold and myrrh. That day was a very special day to everyone.
    By Rowan

  18. In the darkness when the stars are high in the sky we study them ,but one night a star shone brighter than any other star we’ve ever seen. It was meant that a baby would be born it wont be an ordinary child he would be our saviour and it will lead us to a small town called Bethlehem. He will bring hope and joy to us all. Setting of on our Camels we held the gifts of Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. The star led us far and wide to a desert. for what seemed like a long time, we had be traveling our Camels it was excursing I am pretty sure that we are coming close to them, I could tell because the grew brighter. The town was busy and paced full of people getting registered. Finally we came upon a small stable were Mary and Joseph sat. At long last the baby was born. Many people gathered here to celebrate his birth it was the greatest thing that ever happened. It cradle was a food trough for animals they didn’t mind. His name was Jesus. He is our saviour. We gave him: Gold, Myrrh and I gave him Frankincense.
    by kitt

  19. Today was one of the busiest days of the whole year this was the day when Augustus seizer announced that everyone had to go to their home town to get registered. I saw this poor couple which I believe were called Mary and Joseph, they were knocking on every inn door but they all said no. When they came to me I knew I was full but I could not leave them out there any longer, so I offered them a place in the stable in the back. They took it gratefully ,but then they told me that Christ the savior was going to be born there.

    They got settled but when I go back outside there in front of my very eyes was 3 kings who said they had gifts for the baby, so I let them in and told them that they were in the stable in the back so I took them there. When I got back outside there was some shepherds with there sheep they also said they had to see the baby so once again I took them too the back but there lay baby Jesus wrapped in a manger. That was my day!

  20. It was just a normal night. The stars were out and everything was calm and still. Up on the hillside, we had just finished counting up the sheep. When all of a sudden, as I was about to sit down by the fire, a glaring light broke out from the darkness. I had never seen anything like it. Out from this light emerged a figure that spoke to us; he said that he was an angel who had been sent by God. He spoke good news of a baby. But this baby was no ordinary baby – it was the Son of God, the new king. He was called Jesus. We were told to follow a star all the way to a stable, in which the baby lay with Mary and Joseph sitting beside him.
    So we followed the star, hours on end, until we finally reached the stable. The journey had tired me out so much that I almost nodded off inside. However, it was all worth the struggle; to be called to the birth of Christ by God’s angel was just amazing. Once we arrived, we could see a few camels and some men who appeared rather wealthy. We gave gifts of sheep from our flock to this new-born king, in hope of a better world.
    By Lucas

  21. As I and all the other shepherds were just minding our own business,looking after all of the sheep.An angel shows up in front of us all, I was terrified but he said “do not be afraid I have come to bring you good news.” “A savior king has been born in the town of David,in a stable, the bright star will guide you to him.”As soon as we heard the fantastic news we set of looking to find this new born king. Exhausted,we saw a crowded stable with a baby lying in a manger with a woman and a man stood next to it astonished. Soon more and more people had come including three wise men who had brought fantastic gifts for the new born king.

  22. It all began a few days ago, on a glacial Israel night, when I and my companions were on the search for a baby located in the town of Jerusalem, who was assumed to be Christ the saviour. This new baby was going to bring peace and justice to the world; therefore we had to bring precious gifts for our new KING, otherwise that would be disrespectful.
    Fatigued yet determined to find the new King, we continued our exhausting voyage through the desert. We followed the brightest star in the pith-black sky, confident it would lead us to our new king. After twelve long days, the star pointed to a weather-worn manger where we eventually arrived to witness a mother, accompanied by her husband and local shepherds; there laid a wonderful baby, peacefully dozing in a humble stable. We gazed at the baby in awe. No-one moved. The night was silent. Wearily yet stunned, we knelt down in worship, proposing our gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. As we presented the symbols of royal power, trustworthiness and healing, we knew deep down in our hearts that this little boy was going to be greatest king of all time.
    By Noah
    # Noahpoah yeah boii #

  23. It all started on that murky night. The city of Bethlehem was quite crowded to be honest. As a shepherd, I felt like I wasn’t welcome there, we’re usually put out on the hills for a reason. It wasn’t long until the 25th of December became the 25th of December.
    A flash. An enormous, bright flash that covered my eyes appeared there above the grass down below. Then a voice came in a lively tune of song, soon joined by hundreds of others. An angel, never to that day did I expect and angel to be real, of course I prayed to God almighty, but people with wings and rings above their head? Absolutely astonishing. Me, my fellow shepherds and our sheep were told by the angel to head over to that stable, the one I mentioned earlier!
    People around came to see the new born king. A baby king! Hah! I didn’t believe it, I was more worthy of being king than a baby. Then it hit me in the head like a brick, the angels, the star, the people, the king…this was the son of God.
    His adorable face, his big blue eyes. They were filled with wonder and hope. I knew this child was able to save our world one day. I knew.

  24. Twas one very night when I hear knocking on my inn door. A pregnant woman in blue robes and a man in beige robes were at the doorstep. They peered through the door and asked if they had a free room. I didn’t have a room that was free , my Inn was full to the brim! I couldn’t reject them and let them walk off. I thought of an idea. They could stay in the Stable at the back. I offered them the stable at the back. I warned them about the animals such as donkeys which were crowding the Stable. They accepted ad rushed to the back without me guiding them. I wanted to see what would happen so I followed behind them. I witnessed them give birth. There he was. Our saviour called Jesus…


  25. I am the Angel Gabriel
    There was a dark blanket that covered the sky, however in the distance only one star could be seen. It was the brightest star I had ever seen. When I realised the bright star was leading three wise men to the new born king. I knew I had to invite the shepherds to see the baby as well. I got the shepherds attention by shining a bright light over the black hills to make the shepherds realise I was here. They coiled in fear . I weakened my bright light and told them not to be afraid , I have brought good news. The Shepherds listened to my soft, gentle voice speaking to them . I told them about the new born king. They trembled with delight as no one ever invites shepherds anywhere. One delighted shepherd said “Why us out of all people ?” I replied , ” You have been chosen by the Holy One, God.” With that the exited shepherds set off to find the baby Jesus.

    Later on ,I reached up with my pale hands : gentely I lowered the only star in the sky to my heart, that is made of all the values of the kingdom of God. Cautiously , carefully I placed the brightly lit star over the rickety wooden ; dingy stable!

    The Wise Men with their gifts and the shepherds with their sheep followed the star on top of the ancient stable , they discovered the love in the stable as I shone beams of light over the stable that was filled with love on that Christmas night.

  26. It was a sensational day, travelling out in the very fields underneath the dark blue sky was a special moment for me, the royal king, Mary and Joseph.The large shining light in the night sky was the guide to Bethlehem. On our way, we stumbled upon some sandstone Inns and as our journey had taken hours,we knocked on the doors of every Inn asking politely if we could stay for the night. However, they responded “NO”.Disheartened,we rapped on the last door and unfortunately they still didn’t have any space and apologised, but they had a stable to stay in,which was layered in hay and was packed with animals.There amongst the cattle the baby Jesus was born and the three wise Kings gifted Mary gold, frankinsense and myrrh.

  27. I had been travelling far from Nazareth to David’s city on a donkey, with my spouse Joseph; being pregnant was also making it hard. I was awfully tired and desperately needed a place to stay. There was people rushing around everywhere, and it was madly busy. Spotting an inn, Joseph went up to the door and knocked on. Unfortunately there was no room for us. I was very tired and needed a place to stay so Joseph went up to another inn door, but the answer was the same: there was no room for us. Tired and dizzy, Joseph went to the last in we could see. He knocked on and a lovely man offered his stable where we could stay.
    So, a few hours later I gave birth to a son named Jesus, who was calm and still while lying in a manger full of hey. Soon after some shepherds came and gave our son Jesus a lamb as a gift. A while later, 3 wise man came to the stable and brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They bowed down to Jesus. A star was shinning above us in joy. I now realised that the journey I made to get here was worth this fabulous sight.
    By Katrina

  28. As I was traveling on my trusty camel I spotted a bright, glorious star shining from the heavens.Was it fait that I was chosen to see the saviour baby Jesus? We wondered far, following the star only for it would lead us to the blessed baby Jesus. Finally we had arrived at the dark, dank stable. I gently laid down my gift of gold beside the delicate child. From the moment I met him I knew he would do great things. Jesus Christ… our king

  29. I am Mary I am going to be the future mother of Jesus. All of a sudden a host of angels appeared in the sky and told me this very shocking and life changing news.The angel said to me that I will give birth to a baby boy named Jesus. I said to myself that this news was actually going to change my whole entire life . Well I thought that if I was shocked Joseph would be shocked too. I decided that I would tell him when we set off.
    Later that day,we set off to Belthlehem to find a place to stay in. That was the place I would give birth to Jesus. After approximately 5 kilometres the donkey started to feel tired (you could tell by the sweat that appeared on his shiny nose). After a while, we suddenly had to give the donkey a rest. 15 minutes later we set off again and Finnally we reached the stable we had been waiting for and we settled in it. After we had rested fully enough, the three wise men came knocking on the door. The three wise men brought us frankincense ,Gold and myrrh. Soon after, the shepherds came along to visit us and when they were all crowded around us Finally the special baby had been born.

  30. It only happened days ago when I was perched upon a fluffy cloud in heaven. A small crowd of angels came over to me (which doesn’t usually happen) they told me that I was chosen by God to send an extremely important message to Mary, a small town girl from Bethlehem. I started on my journey that very day so excited I could barely breathe.

    Soon enough I arrived in Nazareth (which is where Mary lived).I found her in a cottage near the edge of the town and told her the special news.

    After arriving back in heaven I was told another important message I had to send out to some Sheppard’s. I went as soon as I could soaring at light speed.

    A few hours later I came to the hillside where the Sheppard’s where were stood minding there sheep. When they spotted me they looked like they had just seen a ghost. So I said to them “Do not be afraid for I am not here to hurt you but to give you a tremendously important message from God.”

    Later I hurried to the stable where – I heard that – baby Jesus, our new king, was being born .It was such an amazing sight.

  31. Was it last night or the night before? I cant quite remember. Anyway, what I do know is that it was a very special night. It all began as usual, with me and my fellow shepherds stood on the towering hillside, guarding our sheep. All of a sudden, a blinding light filled my view and there was a human there, like me or you. The thing that was strange about this human is that they had wings – yes, wings. They floated gracefully infront of me, as I gazed in wonder. “Do not be afraid, for a saviour has been born,” they said. I tried to stay calm, as thoughts delved deep into my brain. Then, suddenly, what looked like millions of others joined them, floating in harmony. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I could tell that this was important: especially if there were flying people everywhere!

    We shepherds were keen to go and see this wonder for ourselves. After a short while, with the help of a star, we had finally reached the stable. Before us was a young girl, presumably the one who had given birth, for she was red-faced and sweaty, a man who I’ve been told was her husband, and a manger. Inside the manger was a baby wrapped up in strips of cloth, sleeping calm and still. He was the saviour, the baby who was apparently called Jesus. We spread the word as we returned to our sheep, marvelling at the events that had just taken place. All I could think of was: why us?

  32. It was the best day of my life…
    It all started when I and all of the other shepherds were watching our flock of sheep. Then suddenly a huge angel flew down from the sky. I was terrified. The angel said “do not be afraid I am here to tell you some wonderful news. The son of God has been born you will find him in a stable in Bethlehem.” So we set of on our journey to Bethlehem. Before long, we reached the stable where Jesus had been born. The wise men were also there to see the baby Jesus. It was the best day of my life.
    By Daniel

  33. As I and the other sheperds ,were shocked of the light ,which shone down from the sky . We all suddenly blocked are eyes from the bleeding light. We all started to walk down and then suddenly out of no were came the light as angle Gabrial told us to follow it to were the new King had been born and laid in hey.
    As a little a head my stumatch told me to turn back and to look after my baluvid sheep As I took another glip’s of the star a knew we wer near so I cept on walking ahead.
    We finally reached the town and the star shone over an inn . That is when I said” int this were the new King has been born mate ” he replade “ye it is do you wonter come out to the back”. And ther he was laid in hey I could not beleive ,why pick us sheperds.

  34. I was travelling on my camel when I saw a bright and glorious star shimmering in the sky. It told me that I should go to Bethlehem and see the new born baby Jesus Christ. I couldn’t believe the fact that it had chosen me to go and see the new king. I mean, why me? I’m not special or anything. So off I went to go and see the new born king. I followed the star and it led me to a damp and small stable with the Lord Jesus in a manger. I knelt down beside the delicate baby and gave him some Frankincense.

  35. It was late one night when I heard a knock on my inn door, as I opened the door I saw a man in his late teens, a pregnent woman around sixteen and a donkey. They asked if they could stay at my place for the night but my inn was as full as all of the inns. Finally I remembered that I had a stable that could be used. It wasn’t cosy but at least it had a roof. They asked me to come with them to see the new king be born. I was hounoured.
    A while later, some more people arrived including shepherds, angels and wise men. later that night the woman gave birth to a child. his name was Jesus and he will be the ruler of Israel. Apparently this boy is the son of God

  36. It was late one night when I heard a knock on my inn door, as I opened the door I saw a man in his late teens, a pregnent woman around sixteen and a donkey. They asked if they could stay at my place for the night but my inn was as full as all of the inns. Finally I remembered that I had a stable that could be used. It wasn’t cosy but at least it had a roof. They asked me to come with them to see the new king be born. I was hounoured.
    A while later, some more people arrived including shepherds, angels and wise men. later that night the woman gave birth to a child. his name was Jesus and he will be the ruler of Israel. Apparently this boy is the son of God.

  37. It was a cold, dark night and I remember thinking that the starts seemed brighter and closer than usual on the hill close to the noisy town of Bethlehem. We had gathered our sheep in flocks of four and were settling down to a warm, open fire. I was chatting quietly to my shepherd friends so I wouldn’t fall asleep.
    All at once the sky went as bright as the sun. I was confused; had I drifted off and woken up the next morning? But then he appeared! An angel was leaning towards me and I was blocking my eyes from the bright light all around him.
    He told me to go down to Bethlehem and meet the new king of the world. He said that I would find him wrapped up in a manger in a stable. Quickly, me and my sheperd friends ran down to the old stable following the bright star.

  38. As I was traveling on my trusty camel I observed a bright, beautiful star shining in the East. My fellow companions and I knew this must mean that a new king had been born. We wondered far and wide; following the glamorous star. We had begun to lose hope when suddenly the star stopped… we had reached the blessed town … Bethlehem! We ponderously walked through the crowded town. At long last we reached the dark, crowded place. There lay baby Jesus… his delicate skin as soft as velvet, I carefully laid my precious gift of gold down beside him… Christ our saviour. We had also been asked by King Herod (the current king) to tell him whereabouts it was that Christ God’s son was, but you see many people think that King Herod does not like this new king. So we decided to lie to him and say that we had not been able to find him. Jesus Christ will definitely grow up to be an extremely good role-model to all.

  39. My beloved wife and I had a very long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Whilst I was leading the donkey on dusty roads in Bethlehem, Mary was resting. Mary and I knocked on an Inn’s door but they didn’t let us in because they were full. We knocked on a second Inn’s door but no one let us in because they were also full. Finally, a generous Innkeeper let us in. He said “Yes you may come in but there is barely any room.” Minutes later there was a knock at the door. 3 wise men came from the East and gave us gold, frankincense and myrrh. We were delighted to receive these wonderful gifts. A couple of hours later, God’s precious son was born! After the birth of Jesus, shepherds came to visit us and later the Inn was packed with Kings, shepherds and animals. This is a story that I will always tell!

  40. It was only a few days ago. I was on the fields, when all of a sudden a huge blast of light came down from the heavens. It was an angel. He said that he was sent from heaven to tell us about a baby boy. He was our saviour. So we all set of to see our saviour. Who lay in a manger full of hay. The long journey to Bethlehem had begun.

  41. It was only a few days ago. I was watching over my sheep, when a bright light shone down. An angel appeared before me, he told us that there would be a new king born tonight. He said to follow the star, the brightest star, he then completely vanished right before our eyes.

    We followed the star just as the angel had said. It was a long journey, but we managed to make it all the way. The star had lead us to a stable, where in a manger lay our new king, baby Jesus.
    By Aine

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