BBC Radio 2 – 500 word challenge


Radio 2 have launched their annual 500 word  competition which asks children in the UK aged between 5 and 13 to compose an original work of fiction using no more than 500 words. Entries are in two categories: 5-9 years and 10-13 years.

On the website, , you will find an array of tools to inspire and help you.  We would like you to blog your story on our Year 6 blog page.

You have until Friday 17th February 2017 to enter your story on our Year 6 blog. This will give us time to submit your stories to the competition.

Good luck and we shall look forward to reading them.


42 thoughts on “BBC Radio 2 – 500 word challenge

  1. The Woman From Paradise Island
    Ding Dong!!! There goes the bell to go to sleep. A few moments later, my teacher came into my dormitory to check that we were all asleep. As I lay down on my squeaky bed, I had a strange feeling that felt like butterflies flying around in my stomach but I couldn’t really make out what that feeling was. Was it my Birthday? Was it Christmas? Then I remembered. Tomorrow was the day when I would make my journey to the Paradise Island. I knew that I would have to go to sleep early so that I could escape from the dormitory before I was spotted; I tried to sleep.
    In the morning, I woke up and freshened up quickly before setting off on my quest. It took an awfully long time to reach The Paradise Island. When I finally reached my destination, everywhere was quiet and not a single person was insight. It was a beautiful island with a calm atmosphere. As I looked up above me, I could see the clear, light blue sky and the pure white clouds. At the corner of my eye, I could see the sun gleefully smiling and looking down at me. There was a beautiful flower bed opposite me that had various flowers such as yellow daffodils; white daisies; red roses and pink anemones. Wow this is definitely heaven, I thought.
    In the midst of this stood a quaint old hut with the name Paradise Island written on the porch. As I peered through the window, I saw a dainty little bed with white-washed wardrobes on either side. Opposite the bed, stood a pink dressing table full of different types of colourful make-up. As I opened the old oak door with creaky hinges, I took a deep breath then stepped cautiously inside trying not to make a sound. Suddenly, I noticed an old frail looking woman staring straight at me; wearing a friendly smile on her wrinkly face. She was ever so beautiful; she had light blue eyes with blonde flowing hair that reached her skinny elbows. She invited me in to have some tea and scones. While we were settled on a plush comfortable sofa enjoying her homemade scones, she questioned me as to why I was in Paradise Island. I told her that what had I read about this Island, was breathtakingly beautiful. I confided in her about how I escaped from boarding school to come here to spend the day.
    Soon after, she showed me round her little hut; it was amazing! In one of the rooms, she had a collection of silk dresses that she had made herself. In her sewing room she taught me how to sew and in a twinkle of an eye, she made me a wonderful dress gleaming with shimmering sequences. I thanked her for her hospitality and said goodbye. I had to dash back to school before I was missed.
    What an amazing adventure that was!!!

  2. My Dads a Dragon!
    My sisters and I always laughed at our dad when he told us he was a Dragon. I remember when it all came true, it was the 12th September 2012 and we were celebrating my Dads 60th Birthday we had cake and lots of sweets and were having a great time.
    Suddenly, when he blew out his birthday candles they relit as an explosion of fire blew out of his mouth. Then as I touched his skin to rub some cake off his face it started to turn green and rough. Then he turned into a Dragon!
    He flew out through the roof leaving a hole in the ceiling as he flew away. I followed him to the town centre in Bolton where he started to burn down the buildings. The army had come to the rescue as fast as they could. They came with all their different types of equipment, I ran over to the army Commanders to explain to them that the dragon was in fact my dad. One of the soldiers moved me out the way whilst all the soldiers laughed and moved on. I then decided to look for a shop of some kind to try to find something to help to stop my dad. Sometime later, I still had not been able to find anything which could help him. Eventually I found a street which I had never come across before, it had a magic shop just on the corner of it!
    I hurried into the magic shop which was filled with potions, wands and all kinds of strange and mystical items. I searched for something that could turn a dragon into a human and a human into a dragon. I found a potion so I ran outside to where my dad was I drank the potion and I turned into a dragon. The battle was on between me and my dad… We bit, we burnt and scratched it was a ferocious encounter but I knew I had to help my Dad. In the end we were both exhausted I smashed the potion on the floor and then I and my dad turned back into humans once again. My dad and I fell to the floor in a state of unconsciousness but we were once again normal human beings. We must have been unconscious for a while until someone found us, we were both immediately rushed to the hospital where we both made a full recovery, and we were allowed to go home.
    The next day my family and I celebrated my dad’s birthday, we had lots of fun without any dragons. Then a week later all of my family received a medal from the Queen. I have learnt that people do tell the truth and from now on I have learnt that listening to what people say matters!
    I wonder if when it is my birthday on the 20th November 2020, will I turn into a Rooster?
    The End.

  3. It was the first time I had ever seen him, so let’s tell you about it.
    It was the evening before the big day. He was wonderful, I would have never expected him to be so amazing. Everyone thinks he isn’t real, but he is and I know it. He wore big brown boots with hats and gloves. He was very big for a man like him. He wasn’t how I expected him to be, he was small but quite large and I couldn’t really tell if he was smiling at me or not because of his long fluffy beard! He knows everything about everyone and he even knows all your secrets. He smelt like gingerbread and it felt like I had known him for years, but yet this is the first time we have ever met.
    He is nothing like I would have imagined him. I imagined him to be: tall, quite large, very smiley and loud. He was nothing like that he was more: small, big, friendly, quiet, concerning and a really nice person in general.
    I smiled for a minute…until I realised he looked at me as if I had done something bad, I didn’t know what I had done wrong. He said to me “don’t worry, you have done nothing wrong, but don’t tell anyone what you have just seen tonight” “why?” I replied . “because I know a lot of people wouldn’t believe you if you told them what you saw, and people might make fun of you, but all you need to know is that you know I’m real and there will be other people in the world who do to. Believe in what you know , and don’t listen to what other people think they know.” He replied back to me. He is a very inspirational person and I will listen to what he says and take it on board.
    He told me about all the things he does in his job, it sounded like great fun! When I’m older I want to be just like him. He says that whenever he works he doesn’t do it alone and he has many other people to help him. He talked about all the great experiences he’s had and all the people he’s met. I’d love to meat as many people as he does, but I guess I’m a bit too young for it yet.
    I told him about all my secrets and concerns and my favourite memories. He seemed very interested to me, but when I finished talking about me he just smiled, nodded and looked at me and said “I know. I know all about you Aine, every little detail.” I smiled back at him and just laughed. This had been the best night ever and I really enjoyed talking to him. I felt like he had been my best friend ever since I was born. I found out a lot about him that I never knew.
    It was Santa. And I believe…

  4. Psycho path hotel

    As I approached the Hotel I noticed that there was, two gnarly oak trees that stood beneath the hotel swaying in the wind, whispering to the air and its surroundings. Carrying on up the path, the paving stones were smooth in contrast to the rustling and crunching of the many leaves I stepped in. With every exhalation I took, the chill of the air turned my breath into a puff of soft frost, which seemed to be following me. As I walked up the crumbling weathered warn steps, I realised that the neglected ancient hotel was only a short distance away. From outside, the hotel was tall and thin made from large rocks that had been sandwiched together by crumbling cement.
    I froze to the spot. My heart was racing; I didn’t know what to do. The door had been left opened perhaps for many years or maybe someone already was in there waiting for me? …I knew that I would regret not going into the hotel. Then it happened. I wasn’t thinking. I touched the handle and pushed it. The door opened, but to my relief no-one was there.
    The hotel was dead silent. Black and brown mould dotted the ceiling in clusters, evident of rain seeping through the roof. I quietly entered the dark living room, wallpaper lay curled up on the floor. I noticed the jagged floorboards and gaps big enough to cause an injury. Picture frames hung off- centre. A misplaced grand bookcase stood at the corner of the room left undisturbed for a long time. I made my way back into the hallway a sliver of light came from behind a door.
    I approached and opened the door. I had reached the bathroom. The single window was disgustingly dirty, a flood of light flowed into the room, dust swirled around the room as I made my way inside. The medicine cabinet mirror lay shattered in pieces on the floor tiles, an empty medicine bottle was in the sink the only sound to be heard is the dripping of the tap. I proceeded to the foot of the staircase. I stood and peered at the top, wondering if a crazy person will crawl down and have me for dinner.
    As I summoned enough strength and tiptoed my way up the stairs, the creaking noise of each step intensified as if the steps could collapse at any moment. I turned to the right, and met my final destination. The door did not give way easily, a forceful push was needed. When I got in I could make out the silhouette of bed, edging in closer for a better look. I opened the curtains. There was a toy doll sitting on the bed. In the corner was a rocking chair that began to rock slowly on its’ own. It was evident that the room belonged to a little girl. The thin strips of wall paper appeared like princess castles.
    A howl echoed throughout the hotel. Panic shivered through my body, it was definitely time to leave – I told myself. I closed the bedroom door behind as I carefully as I could and then walked swiftly down the stairs. Hopefully I did not disturb anything or anyone. I walked out the hotel. But then I heard something. Thud!, thud!, thud!
    I tried to act cool and calm but instead I couldn’t help myself but run and scream… Aaaaargh!!!! …

  5. Rabbits are lovely creatures or animals or pets. I’m not really quite sure which word to choose as all three words fit. Don’t they? I have a rabbit. He’s a creature and an animal and a pet. If you were to see him you would say “how cute!” or maybe “he’s so white and fluffy!” I told Snowy (that’s his code name) what our friends say about him when they come to visit. He was delighted and so was I. It had taken us days, weeks, months and in total about two years to fool people. At first, when we picked him up from the collection point, they said it wouldn’t take long at all to get the creature to look like a rabbit, behave like a rabbit and get people to say “how cute!” or “he’s so white and fluffy!” so that MI6 could infiltrate our next door neighbours the ones with a W reg Focus Estate that regularly goes to London, then Wales, then back to London then to Scotland. It should have taken weeks to do it because the creature was already very intelligent and the big ears and marshmallow tail helped enormously. We did think that the colour white would soon wash off but amazingly it never really made a difference. He was bright light blue but somehow people never really noticed that the white and the bright light blue looked, well, kind of OK. “To do it” was easy, then difficult, then frustrating, then easy, then funny, then hard and then really easy. What we didn’t know was that Snowy told us that we should make it last a bit longer because he’d got into next door’s back garden but they saw him trying to unpick the lock of the shed so we had to start again and apologise to the neighbours you know the ones who travel a lot in their W reg Focus Estate. If you’d asked me I really would have done the job much better. Barbara Summerhouse was really horrid when she read the case files; I tried so hard. Snowy was furious and told Miss Summerhouse that she should track the W reg Focus Estate rather than getting annoyed with Snowy just because he started to like Big Macs and staying out late. Also Snowy suddenly wanted to go to Ibiza (who wouldn’t) because Dad told him about the dancing and something about bass bins. Then he wanted to go to Paris because mum told him about how fab it was and that the cafes were so classy. Then he wanted to go to Rome because Nana said that the best bit was the pizza. If only we knew that he’d visited all those places already. He really had. Do you know why?

  6. My name is Everly. I live in an ordinary town and live on an ordinary street but there is one thing for certain I am not ordinary. I can do things that my friends can’t do nor my family. It’s like some sort of magic. I don’t mean to do it just comes. I can make teachers do what I want and parents tidy my room. I bet you thinks that’s amazing I did to a first too but now I can’t stand people doing things for me, acting like robots. I bet your wondering how it all started. It was last week when I was walking home and I had the horrible day at school and a fight with my parents. I wished that everyone would follow and listen to my commands. So that’s how it’s all happened. I did something bad. Something that I will never forgive myself for. I am going to run away. Somewhere were I fit in with magical people. People will notice what I have done so now is my chance. I must find someone like me and how to stop it. A few day later. I didn’t find the person, the thing came to me .I was finally ready to give up but then I saw something glittery swirl of some sort. I decided to follow it. It came to a door. A door just the same size as me. I followed it and it lead into something magical, mischievous and filled with curiosity. I entered my very own mind. There was other door. Exactly same as the other door but much smaller. I crouched down and went through it even thought I was tempted to explore my mind. I needed to hurry before they found out what I had done. This door took me into a whirling portal. It was taking me back into time. Back to last week. Back to where I made my wish. Back to the bad decisions I made. It was the one chance I had. I ran to the well. I remembered what I had done. Everything came back in a flash. I had to put this right. I wished that I was back at home. Back with my family. Back at my ordinary town and ordinary street. Another door appeared. It was the same as the other doors but much taller. I went through it. I went through all my memories. From a baby to a now. I landed safely in my room.My parents didn’t notice I was gone. I was just in time for tea. My magic was erased and all the bad things.No more robots. I might miss my mum tidying my room and not getting any homework but I am glad to be back. I am now in my ordinary town. On my ordinary street. I’m back to being ordinary. My name is Everly and this is my story. It’s good to be ordinary.

  7. As I stepped through the gate of the graveyard, a dark cloud rolled over. Something told me this wasn’t a great decision. My brother and his friends dared me and my friend to go through there many times. They told us stories about how haunted it was. We stayed together and didn’t believe a word they said. However when my friend went missing after he walked through, I began to have doubts.
    The music coming from my earphones quietened, yet I hadn’t touched the volume buttons. I removed my earphones and stuffed them in my pocket, brought out the torch I had and turned it on. I heard a creak behind me and when I turned around, I saw the gate had been shut. I began to believe the stories; I began to get scared; I began to think someone was watching me. A stealthy, sneaky person. Rain fell as I walked around, soon covering my view in its thick blanket of water. The laugh of my friend was ringing in my ears, how I longed to see him again. He brought joy to my life. He was my best – and only – friend. He protected me and I protected him; my brains and his brawn; my mental power and his physical strength. We were the most perfect combination.
    Yet at the graveyard, who would protect me whilst I was trying to protect my friend.
    It had now been ten minutes. I checked my phone:
    (6) Missed Calls from Mum
    Even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do…I ignored it. At this moment other people’s safety was the most important part. My mum was worried yet this somehow made me braver. I was over-confident. Unfortunately, that all faded away when I heard a deep laugh, it wasn’t one I was familiar with.
    I ran, and ran, and ran. I tripped over a gravestone, covered myself in wet mud, but still I ran. I made the wrong choice, what’s the point of us both being in danger? I looked back. The fog, the rain, the smoke had blocked everything past a metre of my vision. What blocked my thinking most? Fear.
    Out of the corner of my eye I saw a strip of paper on my shoe, I opened it:
    ‘Run, run, run as much as you wish. You won’t see your friend, trust me on this.’
    Like any rational person, I was petrified.
    Finally, I reached the church with its doors all boarded up, holes in the roof, shattered windows, battling desperately to warn me away. I heard a rustle, it wasn’t too far away and the only intelligent thing to do was to follow it. Nudging open the church doors I peered around. Nothing. I couldn’t find the light switch. Then at the altar I saw a chair, with a certain someone sat in it. It was him. My friend. I approached him, I was shocked to find the worst had already happened.
    I was too late.

  8. One day a there was a little boy called Dillan, who lived in India, he really wanted a pet. So, he asked his dad one day but he said “no, but if you catch a lizard you can have one.” Dillan’s dad thought he wouldn’t catch one, but Dillan was very determined. He couldn’t wait for the next day; he was going on an adventure, to find a lizard. The next morning Dillan packed his things, he was ready! When he finally got to the large desert he put his tent up and set up his oven.
    He looked under rocks, bushes and trees. Dillan gave up for the night he was going to carry on tomorrow. The next day he brought a net and some maggots to lure the lizard in. It didn’t work.
    He tried to catch a lizard with a net but hat didn’t work So he tried again and again but it still didn’t work. Dillan wasn’t giving up though he really wanted a pet. He looked far and wide for one little scaly lizard but it was the day he just realised that they only come out at night. That night he came across something but it wasn’t a lizard it was a fox he was quite surprised because he didn’t know that foxes lived in the desert.
    He was getting tired so he went to bed. The next morning, he set up a trap for a little lizard to just step in it. That dark night he had caught something but it was not a lizard it was a mole he was about to give up until he thought of an idea…
    His idea was wise and he was excited so that night he hid in a bush. When something popped out of the bush he pounced on it that did not work he caught little bird. He was angry and upset now was going to give up if he did not catch one tomorrow…
    The next morning Dillan finally spotted something moving in the dark it looked a lot like a leopard but it was to small to be a leopard it had scales…
    It was a leopard gecko! Dillan jumped at it he caught it he was so astonished. He brought it to his dad his dad was amazed, he couldn’t believe it! So, Dillan eventually got a lizard. He loved him and called him Rio he was so cute and peaceful he was also very calm. They were a happy family now and they all lived happily ever after.

    • One night a young boy called Matt went out to a football match, it was Bilton vs whiteburn rovers. Being a supporter of Bilton , he predicted a three-one win, he was so confident that he bet £1500 (all his life savings). First Gary Modane scored with his head, next ze fondre scored a thirty yard screamer and then the impossible happened.
      Speele (Whiteburns goal keeper) booted the ball whilst hiword was off his line! The ball dinked him and went into theback of the net. Almost immediately after, Jay Sporing scored a scorpion kick that got buried in the bottom corner. The moment Matt was waiting for was for the ref to blow his whistle. There was still five minutes to play! In the eighty-ninth minute, Whiteburn got a penalty, all of the tension was waiting on this moment. Would Matt gain one million pounds or lose one thousand – five hundred? they let Cirry Evans take it so of course it missed. Matt, the ten year old, just gained one million pounds!!!!!!!!
      When he told his mates at school, they didn’t believe him but when he showed them the cheque they were amazed. Matt was so greedy, he didn’t let his parents have any of his money, mainly because he wanted one million pounds worth of galaxys. Or he might of wanted to spend fifty quid of it buying a whiteburn kit just to put in the fire! He was now taking full advantage. Most of the stuff he would buy would be useless like sweets and chocolate (even though they taste like heaven they are useless because they will have gone off by the time he has eaten a tenth of them. Matt finally gave in and said to his parents that they could have fifty grand, they bought a Mercedes with the money, it was the cheapest one available; it was an amazing car nevertheless. He gave his parents enough money to buy a new house in Bilton and bought himself another whiteburn shirt, again to throw into the fire. Now that Matt only had one hundred thousand pounds left, he bought 4 more Whiteburn kits to add a nice smell to the fire. His next purchase was a real net from the macaroni stadium and a league 1 ball.
      Matt still had a lot of money and he decided to dish it out between his friends and family. His good fortune had led to joy for everyone (that was in the same family or was friends with Matt). After that, Matt went back to living his normal life, and he was now most popular in school. So all in all everyones a winner (except whiteburn rovers).

  9. One morning I woke up to find a dragon at my window. The fire breathing dragon looked very bright it has red hair; green skin; purple eyes and a pink nose. It had terrible breath, smelt like rotten cheese. The dragon said he was called Percy. I got on Percys back and we started to riding. We went to Harry Potter land. The stairs even turned. I was so happy to be there. Next, we went to the beach. It was fantastic. I really wanted to fly to Spain so, we did. I went to the ice cream shop. I bought lots of ice cream. It was very nice. My ice cream had chocolate ice cream. The next stop was the restuant but the dragon ( Percy) was not allowed in. So I ended up going out. Then all of a sudden a unicorn appears but it was not a nomal unicorn. This unicorn had a blue horn;pink body and green hooves. This unicorn could give me 3 wishes “BUT’ said the unicorn ‘ you cant choose a wish that says I wish for a thousasnd wishes’. I wish for a dog called Bella. My second wish was for a rabbit names Lucy. My third wish was for me to choose the unicorns name. All of them came true. I chose for the unicorns name to be Sky. I was very happy to choose the name. The next day, I shouted out of the window and they were all gone!. All of this was a dream. Or was it? I began to get dressed to leave the house. Why was this a dream?. I needed my wishes!. My heart was so un-settled I ran to my friends house. WAIT! I screamed to myself there is the unicorn ( Sky ) I wanted to run but what if it was not Sky! The horn was blue, the body was pink and the hooves were well indeed green!. So I started jumping up and down in excitement. I had to tell my friends about what I had just seen. But what if they don’t believe me. So I carried on down the lane to my friends house. It was only 10 mins away. I finally arrived, I knocked on the door. Her mum answered ‘ hello’ she said. but it was not her mum was this a dream! one second later I woke up. I WAS IN MY BED!!!! It was a dream in a dream!! So I woke up and went to get breakfast I had a waffle. Then I told my family my story. Then as I looked behind me from the table I noticed a rabbit. I could not believe my eyes. Was this really real this time?. Then my parents said ‘SURPRISE’ I was so happy they said ‘ we bought a rabbit for you’ ‘Do you like it?’ ‘yes’ I replied. It wasn’t a dream. I was so relieved. Next I heard trotting. It was the unicorns then came along the dragon ( Percy ) I WAS SO HAPPY.

  10. Once they lived a young girl who is called Isabella,that’s me!I live on a sunny moor.I am a very lonely child but that soon stopped.After a few years of being lonely I found someone.I found a boy. He was called Liam.He was a very shy and quiet boy but he is very funny. I introduced myself. Soon after we became very close friends and we instantly connected, we spent every single day with each other we soon got sick of each other.When we were 18 years old, we began to argue when ever we saw each other so we decided to separate Liam went to Sweden but I stayed in Spain.Then we didn’t see each other for over 20 years we were 5 when we were best friends but in 30 years time I had to move to Switzerland for a job but little did I know I was next door to Liam. A few days later after I moved in they was breaking news on the television .The news reporter was rushing his words and saying evacuate, evacuate the sudden war of world war 3.I was petrified I didn’t know what to do but I was avoiding Liam but at one point I had to try and communicate with him, he was my best friend I couldn’t ignore him. We finally reunited after 20 years we might of been 25 but inside we are still very young. Liam and I separated to go on different teams. I was on the Spanish team, my home towns team. Liam was on the opponents team. I might not be able to compete but I was the last one standing so was Liam . We were the only people alive the other were instantly shot. Liam had a choice to either shoot me for his country or to save me . He was torn between the sides. Soon after he made the decision…Liam choose me. He saved me. He was about to pull the trigger, but he didn’t have the guts to he slowly place his weapons down on the floor. I sprinted towards him with happy tears in my eyes. After the whole incident we became best friends once again. We became roommates and fell in love I have known him for nearly the whole of my life. A few years later we were happily married and had 2 fantastic children . Liam may no of been a king ,but he was a hero, to me

  11. The story of Rumble Jumble Cafe

    It was an odd café; different from the others. Pink cabbages,orange blueberries and turquoise baguettes. Definitely different! The owners , Mandy Candy and Tina Floss , had a lot of history with one of the neighbours. Mr Tom. He had a lot of hatred of their weirdness and strangeness.
    One Saturday morning when the sun was set , Mandy collected the mail as usual as Tina cracked an egg in the frying pan. Hiss,hiss , the bacon hissed on the stove. “Half an hour then we’ll be ready to rock and roll with this summers day!” Tina happily cried. Soon after, Mandy came rushing in with newspapers in one hand and a letter in the other. “ We’re having an inspector visit our café TODAY!” She yelled. With shock they sat at the brightly coloured table and discussed the news. Meanwhile, Mr Tom edged forward on his dull green chair and peeked through the window, glaring at the two females in the café.He wondered why they were joyfully talking. “I must know,”he muttered to himself.Later on,the café opened at usual time and the usual customers arrived.On the letter they received earlier, it mentioned the inspector would arrive around 12 o’ clock. That would be in 15 MINUETS! They rushed to get the Rumble Jumble café polished and spotless,which was hard as the walls were covered with neon yellow and bright green poker dots.
    After a long , hard clean it was finally twelve. A smartly dressed man with a top hat and a polished shoes strolled round Toffee Pud Lane. Tina placed her apron on as she wanted to look to look professional. “ Nice to meet you! I’m Mandy Candy owner of the Rumble Jumble café. This is my college Tina Floss.” Mandy jumped up and said. A few minutes had passed and after looking around the cafe ,the inspector explained all details about the hygiene states,yes they were good.” I’m really surprised on how the state of this cafe is ; the complaint was obviously wrong !” Feeling confused, both Tina and Mandy were interested in the complaint. ” Please may I ask , who made the complaint? ” “Well a local man, he didn’t men his name. He said the hygiene was horrendous! He had a old man Boise very deep .” He walked out. ” Well I wonder who that was? ” “I know.” They stared out of the window , glaring at Mr Toms house.

  12. One cold and frosty night, a little girl named Lucy set off on an adventure that she would never forget. It all started weeks upon weeks ago when she moved into her new house. She was told by her mother to look around her new home town and introduce herself to her neighbours. House after house she was invited in by friendly neighbours, but that all changed when she reached house 13 Primrose Street, which belonged to an old man called Tom. He never had any visitors and never seemed to leave his house.

    Tom’s house was old and crooked with a high mossy oak fence surrounding his land to keep people away. Or was it to keep in the monsters lurking in his own shadows, kept within his house? Curiously, Lucy asked one of her many neighbours why he looked so grumpy and miserable. She replied in a quiet whisper: “he used to be as happy as Larry, but ever since his wife Fiona passed away he stays in his prison-like home”.

    The next morning, after Lucy had eaten her coco pops and Weetabix, she made her way to school. As usual, she saw Tom staring down at her from his rotten window frames, making yet another mysterious phone call. Unlike every other morning though, Lucy decided to look him straight in the eye and she forced out a sweet but sorrowful smile. She decided to knock on old Tom’s door. When Lucy was a few meters away from the house, she looked up at the window and suddenly realised that Tom had gone. With a large push of effort, Lucy knocked on the door. It opened with a large creak. As she looked inside, all she could see was the mist that hung amongst the air. She slowly entered the house and ventured up the old creaky stairs and through every room she could find.

    The sound of the pitter-patter from a leaking tap, or that’s what she thought it was, echoed in the large main corridor. A carousel of thoughts flooded into her mind: what if he doesn’t like visitors, and why does he keep himself away from the outside world? No, come on Lucy, you can do this. ‘If I were old Tom where would I be?’ she thought. She spotted yet another staircase. But where would it lead to? Another floor or to his bedroom? She was wrong. It led to the attic; all she could hear was the creaking of an old rotten rocking chair. There Tom was, sitting there whispering to himself about his horrible past, and all the things that he had done to Fiona. Lucy was frightened; stepping backwards she bumped into a bookcase that fell down with an almighty crash. Angrily, Tom stepped up out of his chair while Lucy hid amongst the untidy old office. Down the stairs Tom went, searching every inch of every room in his house. What could Lucy do? Stay hidden or run for it?

  13. SWOOSSH….
    What was happening? I’d gone into another world! Wait, that’s impossible! But where else could I be? I was pushed out of a portal, leading into another world, yet to be explored.

    I strolled along the rocky path, staring at my surroundings. I noticed a number of market stalls, mainly selling vegetables and other foods. As I walked on, I saw an aged, weathered gate, covered in moss, however it was locked. I happily ran on, to see what else I could discover in this wonderful world.

    Next I travelled upwards into a dimly lit alleyway. It led into an outdoor area of a stone castle. Beneath me was a deep gutter, but I daren’t look what was inside of it. The fact that three doors in the alleyway were locked put me on edge, so I decided to stay near to the entrance. I also discovered some dirty barrels in the corner, but they didn’t appear to have a purpose.

    I quickly carried on my journey, where I was lead to another gate. This one was unlocked, and took me into a happier, sunnier place. There were beautiful autumn trees, tangerine leaves falling from the cloudless blue sky, and the castle just seemed like it had changed completely. As I turned left, I noticed a pair of archery boards: one target board, and one with a black dragon on it. Suddenly, my fear came back – I had discovered another building. Again, the door was locked. It had the same dim lighting as the alleyway I passed through before, and the same mossy walls as the weathered gate.

    Just when I thought the journey had come to an end, I saw another alleyway, but this one was different; it was bright and opened up to a clear blue sky and a rocky cliff with the same glorious autumn trees I had seen before. Straight away I knew I had entered somewhere amazing. There was a lake as clear as glass, propped up tents as colourful as a rainbow and so much more. Instead of holding back, I sprinted down the misty mountain, straight into the glassy lake. It was great.

    I finally decided to go back up to the entrance, but on my way, I discovered another building, which looked as though it was a church. I entered reluctantly. It was full of pillars which were clearly made of granite. The floor was absolutely spotless, pristine and perfect. A glistening chandelier hung from the ceiling, making it almost impossible to walk without banging my head. In the middle stood a large figure. It was painted blue and gold, with a glossy touch over it. I scurried around the back of it, where I thought I heard whispers. I couldn’t understand them, but it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me due to all the fear that had built up inside of me.

    I immediately left the room, and travelled back to the entrance. Wait…where was the portal?!

  14. Rhea, had a best friend like lots of other people, her best friend was called Jess. The problem was that Jess wanted to do medicine and Rhea wanted to be a huge fashion designer in New York. The funny thing was that Rhea was so close to Jess she decided she would study medicine to be with her. But Jess thought that Rhea wouldn’t get into medical school because she wasn’t smart enough. This made Rhea even more determined to get in.

    One week later they got their results, much to Jess’ horror Rhea got in to HARVOD medical school (the same one she got into). That day they got on the plane from California to Boston.

    The first ay of school was always interesting, Jess had left Rhea and made other friends. Rhea stood out of the crowd for obvious reasons: she wore bright pink; she carried her pet in a small Michael Kors bag and she genuinely looked like she didn’t belong there. Rhea strutted over to a group of people but almost immediately they walked away. In class was even worse though, she got asked a ‘simple’ question but when she answered the whole class burst into fits of laughter. At that moment Rhea had enough she walked out of the classroom.

    The next day everyone had settled down but Rhea still got dirty looks off the smart kids. That class she decided to sit at the back of the class and good job she did! When class was finally over Rhea bumped into Jess and said “hi!” But Jess just gave her the cold shoulder.

    Rhea had no class in the afternoon so she decided to call her friends back at home and told them what Jess had done, they were horrified. The year slowly but at the same time quickly moved on but before they knew it, it was the end of the year.

    On the last day of term they gave announced who would be carrying on next year. All Rheas class mates were convinced Rhea would be going home and that made Rhea feel like it was true but…

    To everyone’s surprise Rhea would actually be carrying on next year. Rhea was over the moon she never would of thought that this would ever happen to her, but then it hit her I am not following my dream I am following Jess’ dream she thought. So what she did had never happened before. Rhea made a speech.
    “Thank you all for this amazing opportunity I will never forget his but this isn’t what I want to be for a living I want to be a fashion designer!” Everyone stared in disbelief. What was she thinking passing an opportunity like this? But regardless to what they all said Rhea was on the next flight to New York.

  15. Joseph Fredrickson was a young boy of about ten years old, who never listened to his parents. If they said “Don’t eat too many sweets Joseph,” then he would eat haribos until his tummy was sore. If they said “Don’t stare at the sun Joseph,” then he would deliberately forget his sunglasses.

    Joseph’s parents had always warned him not to go into the old abandoned house at the end of the road. So, one day, when they were in the kitchen arguing about whose turn it was to do the dishes, he squirmed down the drainpipe next to his bedroom window. He sneaked up the road then, up ahead, he saw it – the old abandoned house! As he approached it, he noticed a sign that said: DANGER – KEEP OUT, but casually moved it to the side. Unfortunately for Joseph, what his parents hadn’t told him was that the house was actually inhaibited by an axe-wielding murderer who hadn’t been in contact with civilisation for the past 78 years! According to the stories, he was 324 years old and no one had any idea how or why he had been living for so long.

    Joseph however, didn’t know this as he entered the house, full of curiosity to see what was left behind from the family that had last lived there. He decided to explore the kitchen first, to see if any sweets were left. To his great surprise, there was a half-eaten pack of gummy worms in a small cupboard just above the fridge, so he just helped himself as he looked around to see if there was anything else to interest him. At that moment, he spotted a football and a net in the garden. He rushed outside to play.

    He pretended that he was the young Manchester City player Gabriel Jesus and curled a delicious shot into the top corner of the net. Just then, there came a voice “Good goal,” it said “I could never pull off strikes like that back in my day.” Joseph looked up to find a man, dressed in robes, stood over him waiting for a reply. “Who are you?” he asked. “ I am known to many as the axe-wielding murderer, but I would never have the heart to kill anybody,” the man replied,”you see, whenever I come out to chop wood, everyone screams and runs away from me – they make up stories about me, saying I’m a murderer, just because I have an axe.” Joseph reply was simple: “It’s just the internet. Whenever something happens, somebody in the world posts it on the internet, and people make up stories about it that are untrue.” The man told Joseph that he lived off the food and drink people left behind, and then he showed Joseph his axe.

    Finally, after a long conversation about each of their origins, Joseph had to get home for his tea. He had had a great time with his new friend and hoped to see him again.

  16. A long time ago there lived a girl called Lizzy and her twin sister Maya. They both loved the same things (dancing and singing) but had different personalities. Lizzy was a little bit of a know it all and she would always and I mean always put her hand up in class, but when it came to dance, she would shy away and slip away to the back of the room. On the other hand, her sister Maya was the complete opposite; thus, she would be very shy in class and when it came to dance she could not control her body. On Thursday evening the twins strolled happily along the narrow, grey pavement towards the bus stop. They looked behind them cheekily to see if they could beat the bus when it arrived. As the bus reached the stop and the doors opened, they heard a friendly hello. It was the cheerful bus driver Peter. Peter would always send them a warm smile which brightened up their day. The twins stepped on to the bus and sat together on the red, comfortable back row seats. They were talking about how they were both good at different things and how they longed to be one another. Suddenly the radio was turned up and the news announced that there would be a shooting star passing over at exactly 8:20pm. Also, there would be another one next week on the same day and at the same time. When they arrived at their stop, they quickly got off the bus, rushed into the house and threw their bags down. They both sprinted up the stairs, got ready for bed and waited patiently for the shooting star to come. It was 8:17pm. It was nearly time for the magic to happen, but then unknowingly Lizzy and Maya made a wish. As they caught sight of the shooting star falling through the sky, they made a wish that they would switch bodies for a week. Poof, the magical shooting star went passed their house. It was getting late so the twins climbed wearily into their warm sung beds. Early in the morning the twins noticed that something was different. They had indeed swapped bodies. “Oh no” shouted Lizzy. “On no” screamed Maya. They went down stairs casually like nothing had happened. The twins went to school and didn’t dare speak a word. People were looking at them like they knew but they didn’t know anything that had happened. They wished that the week would pass quickly and all this would be over. For them it felt like a lifetime in slow motion. Finally, the day came. It was Thursday evening. They rushed home from school again and they both ran upstairs and waited. It was 8:17pm. Lizzy and Maya had waited patiently for this day to come again. They made another wish and at last it came true. They were back to normal. They both made a promise that they would never do that again.

  17. The Bandham!
    “I’m Ivy and life was going fine an ordinary life, from an ordinary girl who lived in an ordinary world. I didn’t think it could get any better. Looking back now, I realise I was mistaken…
    Rushing through the forest, I couldn’t dare look back. Gnarled trees swirled all around me, echoing with the voices of the past. The sky pitch black with stars that looked like beady eyes staring at me. The ground rough as huge boulders rose with smirking faces. All this was seen whilst I was still running, my heart pounding in my small chest as I was determined to not let the creature reach me.
    In the far distance, sat a weathered cave full of valuables. I ran as fast as my weak legs could carry me, my ears numb from the whistling wind! WHOOSH! WHOOSH! WHOOSH! Out of the corner of my eye, an oval -shaped object looked as if it was enchanted with glowing orbs. Overhead, loomed a dreaded creature. The Bandham!!! I had a choice now, I could either carry on my journey to the moss- covered cave or I could make another route to the mysterious oval. At the last minute, I made the decision to go with the oval because it looked a more promising escape.
    At that moment, I had a chance to get a look at what I was up against. Its scaled wings were as red as a bloodshot moon tipped with threatening black claws, its eyes black with piercing white slits. His jagged teeth black with red splodges. Right then I reached it. I turned around and fell into the purple darkness. As soon as I hit, my mind was filled with previous memories right back from when I was four.
    My Mother, Father and I were huddled in furry blankets sipping hot chocolate whilst listening to my favourite bedtime story. Masses and masses of chocolate biscuits were laid out in front of us as a constant hand was trying to grab several  Gradually a blinding light appeared and the memory faded as the next one came on. This time my Dad was pushing the six- year -old me on the swing as I laughed my cheerful head off. My Mum was playing catch with Tess – my dog – . I laughed and laughed and laughed until I could no longer. I felt as if I were flying through the air, high up in the clouds. My hair swung about madly adding to my excitement. The memory faded as I felt sharp claws dragging me back to my senses, a nightmarish face appeared into my view. It was back! I started screaming, my throat already sore.
    With a jolt I woke to reality, my mum was shaking me with a horrified expression on her face. I realised I was in a tangled mess on the floor. Then it hit me, it was all just a dream.
    And that is my story” I told the class.

  18. Daniel Bond

    Daniel was 14 when something changed his life…
    It all started when his Uncle was shot while driving his car. Daniel got invited to a fake bank which recruited him as a spy. At first Daniel didn’t want to be a spy, but then the people at the bank persuaded him about being one and they said that if he didn’t become a spy the person looking after him would leave the country, and that convinced him. They told him that his first mission was in a few days, but with no practise he didn’t have much chance. A few minutes later Daniel was told that his mission was to go to Mexico to find something out about what was happening there, as a hotel had heard strange noises. At that moment Daniel started to regret about what he had signed up for.
    A few days later Daniel was called back into the fake bank and he was given some supplies which would help him while he was on his mission. The next day he was sent off to Mexico. When Daniel got there he was sent to a hotel, which was next to a mysterious building.
    That night Daniel heard strange sounds coming from outside the building next to his hotel, so he decided to go and investigate. Before long, he was stood outside when suddenly he saw a huge bomb being lifted from inside a van by a gang of shifty looking men and taken into the building through a side door. At once he reported it to the fake bank and they sent the army over as soon they could.
    The next day, the army arrived and immediately went inside to get Daniel, so that he could tell them how to get into the building next door. Daniel and the leader of the army were given walkie talkies because it would be Daniel going inside looking for the bomb and any other weapons. As Daniel entered the building he stumbled across a huge door. He pushed it open. Inside the room was the bomb and many other bombs too. He notified the army so that they took over. Inside the building there were lots of noises. A short while later the army came out and told Daniel that they had won the fight and asked where the bomb was kept. Daniel showed them where it was kept. When Daniel showed them the bomb, they ran straight over to it and looked to see if it was going to blow up any time soon. Unexpectedly, the bomb was going to blow up in 5 minutes. Quick thinking, the soldiers tried to stop the bomb from blowing up. At first they didn’t know how, but then they found some wires. They used a knife to cut them in half, so that the timer on the bomb stopped. They had saved Mexico.
    When Daniel was back in England, he was getting thanked by everyone. He was so happy.

  19. The Champs

    We’re finally here! All that hard work has actually paid off. We’ve made it to the under 11’s Netball World Championships Final! We are so happy to have come second… well I mean we haven’t exactly played the game yet, but EVERYONE knows what the results are going to be. After all, its Bury Cubs were talking about. They are by far the most technical team in the league. Rumour has it that they have been undefeated for the past 3 seasons!

    Oh no! We (Rivington Storm) could see them coming around
    the corner. They wore magnificent emerald green- what I would call costumes fit for national television- short dresses… and us, we weren’t exactly magnificent. We were dressed in black baggy pants and a royal blue hoodie. We looked ridiculous compared to them.

    No one said anything. No one did anything. The only thing anyone did was walk. We were all silent until the teams split up into our rooms. We were exhausted, it had been a long flight to New York. It was around 8pm when we went to bed. Coach said we needed maximum sleep, however I could not. I was up every hour until 12pm, the nerves holding my eyes open. All I had now was 5 hours sleep, and for an athlete, that is barely 5 minuets.

    It was time to wake up. We needed to be out of the hotel by 6am to start training at 6:30. We decided to try to get there for 6am, to get more practice than Bury Cubs. When we got to the venue we were playing at tonight (Madison Square Garden) we were shocked. The nets were double the height as we always have them, the pitch was the size of a football pitch (we’re used to a quarter of that size) and there were tens of thousands of seats! How many people will be watching us? We were terrified!

    In practice nobody could get the ball in the net. How on earth are we going to cope in the game? All we could do now was train, train, train. We ran drills, played practise games, tried shooting, but we couldn’t do any of it. It was no use. We were going to be destroyed… that was until Ama Agbeze (England netball captain) walked through the door. She said we could do anything we wanted to do, beat any team we came against, including Bury Cubs. We suddenly felt more determined than we had ever been. We practised, practised, practised. We scored goal after goal after goal. We were ready.

    There was a rush of adrenalin across the changing room. We walked into the stadium. It was packed. We got into position, ready for the whistle to go. I played centre first. It was our ball. The long, nerve-racking whistle was blown. I flinched. I threw the ball right into Goal Shooter’s (Olivia’s) arms. After several passes, it was in the D. Olivia held the ball over her head and… GOAL! Both teams got goal after goal after goal.

    There was one minuet left on the clock, and we were neck and neck. I was playing GS. It was our centre. The ball went strait to GA, back to centre, then to me, in the D. I was in perfect position to shoot. I held the ball over my head. I could hear the other players murmuring, 10,9,8,7… I bent my knees 4,3,2… I flicked my fingers… 1… GOAL!!! The whistle blew. We had won! The new Under 11’s netball raining world champions. Rivington Netball Team.

  20. Open Your Eyes

    What has the world come to, I wonder? Havoc and destruction occurring in the world, allowing innocent people to face sorrow and grief. Every day, I wake up to distressing news on the television or the radio, whether it be from violent attacks, devastating wars or politicians making inconceivable decisions around the world; it deeply saddens me and worries me about the future.

    Why can’t people learn to accept everyone for who they are, regardless of cultural differences, skin colour or religious beliefs?

    All of this reminds me of an old man, who once lived on this estate and who was extremely short-tempered. He showed unpleasantness towards everyone and was very lonely due to his detestable nature. Things only seemed to worsen the day a foreign family moved in to live next door. This made the old man irritated since he despised children for their loud and troublesome actions. The man grew an instant dislike for the harmless boy who lived next door. Little Simba was the most delightful child, gleeful and untroubled; he wore plain bright clothes, which were knitted by his mum due to their precarious financial situation. Besides, Simba was full of life, constantly dreaming of wild adventures. Despite his limited knowledge of the language, Simba never failed to greet the old man, always offering him his kindest smile.

    On the first day Simba dared approach the man to introduce himself, the man began to make nasty comments: ‘’what kind of a name is Simba?’’, laughed the old man. ‘’By the way, where did you get those clothes?’’; ‘’did you find them in a garbage bin?’’, he added mockingly. Nevertheless, the poor, innocent child gave the man an incredibly warming smile; he then offered him some of his precious cookie, although he knew he would not eat another one in a long time, since money was always short at home. Yet, nastiness, obnoxiousness and remorselessness were all the old man could demonstrate.

    Day after day, the odd couple got into a peculiar routine: whilst one would only rant, moan, criticise and be offensive, the other would be nothing but kind-hearted, loving and well intentioned. Things started to change one morning when Simba failed to appear on the old man’s doorstep. The old man surprised himself looking for the boy everywhere: he realised that he was somewhat missing his annoying presence… He started to soften and, within a few more months, we could even say that the old man had bonded with Simba. Gone were the heartless and sarcastic remarks, the contemptuous comments and the hurtful mockeries!

    I ask again: why can’t people learn to accept everyone for who they are, regardless of cultural differences, skin colour or religious beliefs? I once was myself an old fool full of prejudice, who would not see beyond people’s appearance. I once was an old intolerant fool, a very long time ago, until I opened my eyes thanks to a wonderful boy… a boy called Simba!

  21. Soldiers in the walls!
    Living in the damp walls of Decathlon were the proud and nocturnal soldiers who had defended their shop many a time. The soldiers in the wall came out at night, they jumped from shelf to shelf doing daredevil activities and having an amazing time around the store. As there was no one around, the mischievous soldiers got up to lots of things as wild as you could dream: like running blindfolded and backwards on the treadmill at the same time; playing archery where the target is the other person’s mouth or other outrageous activities.
    One day as the soldiers were prancing around Decathlon, there was a loud clatter that startled every soldier in the store. The soldiers knew this would happen as the new Adidas boots had hit the stores that very morning. CRACKKKK!!! The silver shutters had been obliterated by the 19-year-old robber who had dreams of becoming a footballer, these dreams had not yet been fulfilled but he still had complete confidence that he was going to be a footballer. The boy ran through the shop taking all the different boots in the shop and all the most expensive things (that would fit in his bag) and laughing and imagining himself starting up top for City.
    The soldiers knew they would have to take a stand and protect their store once again. They got the ping pong balls and a canoeing bag to and got into position for their thorough and well thought out plan. Their plan consisted of two challenging steps to trap the boy. Firstly, as the boy was running through the last isle they threw out a bag that contained over 200 ping pong balls and he tripped over backwards. Secondly, while he was cascading down to the floor they threw out a canoeing bag that was over 2 metres long behind him and he landed directly into the blue bag. Finally, they zipped up the bag and left it there for the night.
    The next morning the employees came in for work and there was a heavy canoeing bag just lying on the cold concrete floor. They found a man inside who was immediately arrested for attempted theft but do still to this day do not know what occurred in Decathlon that cold winter’s night. The heroes once again go unacknowledged, but still know when they hear people talk about the incident that it was them, they saved Decathlon.

  22. IN MY DREAM!

    I think I’m in a dream or something?Oh I’m Joseph and I’ve just woke-up in a bean?!Not any bean a JELLY BEAN!Kind of crazy right.Right then,er… lets just look outside to see if that is normal. AAAARRRRRR theirs a living GUMMY BEAR at my bean door!I’ll have to make a run.CCCHHHAAARRRGGGEEE!Yes I made it and whoa there’s a ch,ch, chocolate waterfall and a jelly car!I think i’m in a sweet world.This has to be a dream.

    Well I’ve been walking around for a bit now and there’s been a load of stuff to see like a cola market a sugar circus and now theirs a war between white and brown chocolate. Wait a minute, a WAR! I have to check this out.This war is damaging the town.I need to stop it,but how?

    Aha,what’s white and brown chocolate mixed, light of course.Now all I do have to do is find a army of them to stop this fight.Wait I see a kingdom made of light choccy! Which means the army must be there!Lets go.Right I’ve made it and theirs this ice cream puddle saying step in me.

    OK, here goes!Wow(I’ve been teleported to the king.)Your Chocolateness! Do you
    mind if you and your army help me stop a white and brown chocolate war?Of course my boy!Where is it tacking place?At the millions market.OK lets go!

    Were here and there still going!Ill handle this. SSSTTTOOOPPP! They all froze.GET REBUILDING THIS! Thanks king.I’d better be off .Bye.Bye.Well who’d of thought I would be stopping war today.

    Joseph!WAKE UP!Your going to be late for your play on the sweet war!Oh so it was just a dream and it turns out I dreamed about my play.See you later!

  23. Unfortunate Event

    In a house on an ordinary street lived two magical identical twins!these twins were no ordinary twins ; hence they were told.Lilly loved to be pretty and pink , however Ellie hated being pretty and pink.the twins both had a passion for cheer leading and loved to be flyers.
    They were both in competition to be the best flyer that ever lived. One day Ellie used her powers to bring her sister out of a stunt .That’s when it all started – dragging each other out of stunts with their powers.
    The twins gained more power every time they used the original powers. Earlier in May they had been told they were from a family of extraordinary cheer leaders and so were the rest of their family. The twins did not know whether they should believe their mum and father.
    As the twins were stunting Ben came bounding in exuberantly ( Their four year old brother who was annoying ). To tell them about his amazing adventures he had just had with Squak ; his imaginary pet bird. The twins ignores everything he said , but tuned in when Ben said, ” We are going to meet dolphins on a tour of Multi-colour Zoo. The twins absolutely adored dolphins, they imagined how much fun it would be to kiss them.
    I was just joking laughed their little brother. The twins, who were now very angry, looked at each other and winked…….
    Ellie and Lily threw Ben ( who had made them angry) with a huge amount of force by using their powers, quickly, sneakily the twins ran out of the room waiting for both thumps.
    A couple of milli-seconds later the first bang could be heard from inside the room. Their poor brother who had hit the ceiling with his head fell like a stone to the floor. This time the bang was even louder than before.
    The two concerned sisters dashed back into the room with apprehension, trembling in their hearts, making them wonder what they had done.

    To their surprise their brother was crumpled on the floor.They tried and tried to get a response but no matter how hard they tried no response came their way. The girls looked at each other and burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably whining, ” What have we done?”
    Their mum came bounding in from the kitchen her face as worried as anything. ” What happened?” screamed their mother. The girls told her everything between sobs of tears.
    As fast as a flash of lightening mum dialed 999 panicking thinking he only son had died.
    The ambulance crew arrived within minutes! and were rushed of their feet trying to keep Ben alive. They put him in the ambulance and as soon as they to the hospital they rushed Ben to the intensive care unit.
    A week later Ben was still in the same unit, and now was in a coma as he was unconscious. He was progressing slowly but surely.
    After another two weeks he was ready to be discharged, he had to keep returning to the hospital to see if he was making progress in his recovery. Ben sure was, it was miraculous as he was fully recovered in a month.
    That month a precious lesson was learnt by both twins and Ben, that they should not use their powers unless it was necessary in a life threatening situation or to say anything that will make someone frustrated and annoyed.
    After that they always made sure they played together nicely so nothing like this happened again.
    They all valued every day as if it was to be their last.

  24. The story of Jack Carter
    Jack was awaiting his 17th birthday it was only in two weeks, but he didn’t feel excited he just thought of his mum and dad constantly and how awful the plane crash must have been. His mum and dad had died when he was only two in a plane crash so Jack had been brought up by his uncle John. They both lived in his tiny flat together which could barely fit two cars inside. His uncle worked in a toothpaste factory screwing the caps on the paste, he could only just provide food for the both of them.
    Jack was entering his college the next day when suddenly he felt a pair of large hands grab him by the neck and throw him down. Jack new exactly who it was it was Jeremy Jameson the bully, he was about 6 foot 1 and as strong as a bulldozer. He bullied Jack all the time and made fun of his mum and dad, he knew he was sad and depressed so he took advantage of it “Jack come on where is the dinner money I know you have got it” “no ive not got any” “dont lie to me Carter” “no ive not got anything I promise.” Jeremy gave him a sick blow to the nose and left. Jack lay there on the floor with tears rolling down his face. Jack had gone all through the school day without telling anyone what had happened, now he was watching the clock as the minute hand inched away from half past 3, the school bell rang and everyone burst out of the door and ran outside but Jack just walked out. “Are you okay Jack?” it was Miss Atkinson his favourite teacher of all, “Yes miss I’m fine “okay Jack but remember if there is anything that is upsetting you or bothering you just come to me,” “okay Miss Hatkinson” “bye Jack.”
    Jack was walking back to his flat when he came across a figure standing across the road, he was dressed in black and wore a large black coat. Jack couldn’t make out his face. “Come here Jack Carter,” the stranger seemed to know him “how do you know me?” “I know a lot about you Jack, I was very good friends with your parents.” “I could take you to see them if you like.” The stranger took out a sort of glove that was strapped round his hand with a large colourful portal on it. “Do you want to go?” ”yes I will go, take me please.” the man pressed the portal and suddenly Jack was in the middle of a warzone, there was black skies and airships soaring around. But everything froze, he could see his mum and dad running from an explosion he had to save them, time was running out he dived and pushed his mum and dad to safety. KABOOM! Jack was suddenly back in the future and he saw his parents smiling at him.


  25. Nightmare or Dream?

    Hello, my name is Karcia. One day I was sat on a wall when I thought about crazy things. I started to think of a bad thing something I wouldn’t expect. I thought about my pop star dream but my nightmare in it at the same time. I thought and then I realised what it would be like. It went something like this…
    I was getting ready for my song. Wanting this moment so badly, I waited and waited. Then the judge called my name: Katrina the superstar! I was so nervous but I knew this was my moment to shine and to show people who I am. As I stepped up on stage I saw a spider! This was my worst fear. I started to close my eyes and think but then my song started to play and one of judges said go on to me so I tried to sing but I squeaked. My head was whizzing with thoughts about spiders. I started to breath faster and faster. When I started to sing again, the spider moved closer to me. I was terrified! I was shaking and I dropped the mic out of my hand. People started to laugh at me and point. One of the judges asked if I was ok but I didn’t reply, instead I picked up the mic and screamed. Everyone stopped and stared. Then a hole heard of spider came from a big crack in the wall. Everyone was suddenly turned into spiders, except the judges. The spiders stared at me with a grin. I was told to sing as if I was at home in my room. I started to sing and the spiders started to crawl away until… a giant spider came out. I didn’t think spiders could be that big! I was so nervous. It was freaky. The spiders started to communicate with each other. I knew something was going to happen so I laid back. One of the judges told me that if I started to sing then they would go away. I thought about why they came out but I started to sing any way. The spiders didn’t like it but they kept on coming towards us. They were vicious. They were scary. They were evil. We didn’t like them at all. For some reason, I started to really enjoy singing and I gave it my all. In the distance I could see that the spiders were annoyed. My parents were in the crowd and the spiders were getting near them. Just as I stepped back, the first person was eaten. My stomach yelped. The spiders were really annoyed and I knew that even if I stopped they would carry on but I knew all the audience was in trouble! I had to think quick and think fast so I shouted and said everyone follow me. We all went to the back of the stage while the spiders did their destruction. Was this the end for all of us?…

  26. My Story

    You’re about to read a story; a story that is true, a story that happened, a story that depends on life and death. It all began 2years ago…
    It was the summer holidays (a very cold one too) and I asked my mum if she would allow me to attend the kayaking courses. The reason for, I really enjoyed the experience and the instructors said I had a natural gift. She wasn’t surprised one bit, so she booked me on for two sessions.
    The first session was epic. It took place at a local reservoir on a fairly bright day. Since the last time, I had majorly improved the majority of my aspects: speed, agility and power. Everything seemed like a piece of cake: it was like I was a bullet! I would race up and down the reservoir, completely oblivious to the people behind. I learned how to turn right and left and have control of steering. At the end we were given large, car-sponges to drench and through them at people. Unfortunately, I was hit slap-bang in the face with a really grimy and muddy one too!
    The final session was here. It started of like every previous one but ended differently. If only I knew how it was going to end. As usual, we jumped into the scrapped, blue and white boat and off I went out into the vast stretch of liquid. It seemed like a normal session up to point were one the instructed said “I’ve been watching you closely and I think you could try a spray deck. A spray deck is basically an air-tight, neoprene deck on you that is sealed on the boat’s lip. It prevents any water from coming into your boat allowing you to not carry unnecessary weight. The instructors used this, so I decided to give it a go. The test is you have to capsize, pull the neoprene deck off, and swim back up to the surface.
    They pushed me into the water and I was ready to go. I purposely capsized, was going to pull the bib off when I found out; I couldn’t. I wriggled about in the boat, hoping to create enough activity that they would know I was in trouble, however they didn’t! I slapped the base of the kayak, it was no use. The cold, murky, depths of a reservoir, who would have thought of a more cruel way to die.
    My vision began to turn blurry. Two blurred figures saved me that day.
    the next thing I know I’m in A&E.

  27. Lost and found.
    The sun had gone down too quickly to know where we were. Trapped, in what seemed like an endless maze of trees, bushes and muck; lots of muck.
    Of course we weren’t dressed for getting lost in the cold damp forest.
    A slight light from the moon was our only guide; or so we thought!
    Our trusted dog Fergus was with us too.
    Fergus– cuddly, cute and barks like mad.
    My mum had gone ahead so thankfully she could not be scared. I was glad it was just us boys in the dark. My younger brother Shay was getting agitated. He was trying to be brave, as was I, but his tone was quivering, as was mine.
    The darkness, the cold and the uncertainty if we would ever get out alive was starting to play on our minds.
    Our dad was trying to sound like he was confident in where we were, he too was faltering!
    We climbed over trees, through mud baths and, what seemed in the dark, quick sand.
    My dad tripped over a log and hurt his ankle. You could just about see the pain in his face but he hid it well
    Shay wanted to be carried but was disappointed when a firm “No” came back from dad
    Suddenly Fergus stopped walking. I saw, in the light of the moon, his ears prick up.
    He stood motionless for what seemed like ages when in fact in was seconds.
    He had heard something we couldn’t.
    He moved vigorously to his right and bounded off through bushes. We could only surmise at that point he had heard an animal in the wild.
    My dad followed him, making way in the bushes for my brother and to follow, safely.
    Then we heard it. The sweet, comforting sound of my mother’s yells. It’s not a phrase I thought I would say, but hearing my mum shout was a gods send.
    Fergus continued to bound towards her tones.
    We could hear our mum clearer now. Much clearer and we knew we were almost out of the woods- literally.
    There was such elation in our little group
    Then we saw a little glimmer of light. My mum was shining her phone in our path to guide our way.
    Not long now. Our fears had gone. We were all relieved and Fergus, more than any of us. I think he doubted our survival skills.
    Fergus and mum had saved the day. We saw her in the distance. Fergus was already there: jumping, licking and very, very dirty. Mum was not happy she was covered in paw prints.
    She was soon to be covered in our hugs and kisses.
    My dad was reluctant to talk about the experience. He knew he was no Bear Grylls.
    We all needed a wash. Fergus too.
    We all settled down with a hot chocolate, a game of Connect 4 and the X factor.
    I love my family, despite zero survival skills in the wild.

  28. On a miserable day, a girl named Lilly had just come home from another hard day of school. She doesn’t like school and she’s quite shy girl. Sometimes she’d come home from school and run upstairs sobbing. She’s an orphan and misses her parents, this usually upset Lilly. There’s a boy called Daniel who is also an orphan, he’s a bully. One day, Lilly found out that she had the talent of drawing. Every day she would draw and draw, this cleared her mind. Drawing was her favourite thing to do. Home was a completely different place than school, at home she would let her imagination take over, were as at school she would sit still with no one there with her.
    As she was walking home she noticed something weird in the distance. Immediately she raced towards it with happiness. As soon as she reached it all the of the happiness poured out of her, for it needed a key. She had an idea. When Lilly was younger before her mum passed away, she was given a key, as well as giving her a key she spoke to her and said, “before I die, I want to give you a key, you will be a gifted drawer, soon this key will be very use full.” Since than she would always keep the key with her as a memory of her mum. carefully, she opened the door and looked inside. It was a magical garden. All the drawings had come to life. Lilly was amazed. Every day she would build up on her garden and draw more interesting people and things: magical people with big feet; big ears and more magical creatures.
    Until one day, she had the worst day at school, with Daniel bulling her and not being able to concentrate, she ran upstairs, sobbing with anger. Her mind took over; therefore, she drew a horrible monster. This monster roamed through her garden day and night. The monster stamped on all the plants ruined her magical, gold tree. This made Lilly furious that she needed to do something about it. She had an idea. She decided to scribble over the monster, hoping that it will go away, but it just grew stronger. Lilly gave up hope and just sat down doubting herself with her head in her hands. Until… She had the greatest thought, but then she began to think that it was no use trying it because she thought that it would just fail. Hoping it would work, she stood up strong and searched for a rubber. In her draws and all around her house. Finally, she found one, then she ripped her drawing of the wall and began to rub it out. She then raced to the garden to check whether the terrible monster had disappeared. “Yes” shouted Lilly springing up proudly. She was so pleased with herself that she never let anyone bring her down. She never drew anything bad again. She lived happily ever after.

  29. The Royal Family
    Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a royal family. Ramona (the Queen), was married to the king of the magical kingdom and his name was King Tom. Surprisingly, King Tom was compassionate. Queen Ramona and king tom were flooded with compassion. Ramona and Tom had two children called Ariana and Calvin; Ariana was a lovely child who had lots of friends and Calvin had exactly the same temperament as Ariana but he was younger and quieter.
    Early one morning, King Tom invited Ramona to his ‘friends’ royal ball but she had plans for the evening. Ramona went to a shop and ignored the fact that she could go to a ball. However, Tom, Ariana and Calvin went to the royal ball without her.
    When they arrived at the ball, King Augustus greeted them with his arms outstretched.
    “Good evening, have a wonderful time!”
    They partied on and danced until Leo (Enid and Augustus’ son) arrived. Ariana’s face lit up with the passion of love. As she gazed at him, she felt lost in his beautiful blue eyes; he was so amazing and had such silky hair! In Leo’s imagination, Ariana’s eyes were the love of his life! However, his mother (Queen Enid) was watching with her evil eye and she did not approve of this at all.
    Later on in the evening, she formed a plan to trap Ariana. Her son was to marry another princess and she did not wanted him to be distracted. So she tempted her with a freshly baked cake and led her into the basement of the castle. Once she was inside the desolate, ancient ruins below the party, Queen Enid locked Ariana in a cell.
    “Why have you done this to me? I haven’t done anything wrong!”
    “Yes, you have, you wicked child! Your beauty is your worst enemy and you shall not have my son for yourself. His plans are not with you.”
    The night continued and Ramona felt something was wrong with her beloved family. Although she was not pure, she loved them deeply and knew that there was trouble. So, she waltzed into the party and went to her husband, looking for her children.
    Just then, she heard a deafening scream with her supersonic hearing. It sounded familiar yet unusual. Abruptly, she turned round but Queen Enid tried to distract her with the same freshly baked cake that she had used with her daughter. She did not realise that Ramona had already walked down the rusty, long-standing stairs and saved Ariana’s life.
    A couple minutes later, they had a fight and only one person won. Ramona knockout Enid and she was victorious! They went home unharmed and their lives were never hurt again.

  30. The Frenemy Many years ago, not long after the outbreak of World War Two a young boy called Jeffrey watched his father go off to war to never return. His mother became a nurse helping the wounded and always hopeful that one day she might find his father. Jeffrey was only 5 when he was sent live with his poor uncle in Gloucestershire.
    Jeffrey spent many lonely days wandering around the little village looking for a playmate. It was a dull and dark day when Jeffrey saw him for the first time. He had gone out without a coat and it had just started to rain, Jeffrey knew that if her went home wet his uncle would not be happy. He decided to take shelter in his uncle’s barn while the rain eased off. As he sat down on a bale of hay he noticed a black boot sticking up from the pigsty. At first, he did not take much notice but the more he stared at the boot the more he was convinced that it was slightly moving. Cautiously he stood up and approached the boot. From his new angle, he could see a figure lying on the straw. The figure was dark and shadowed against the hay. Jeffrey saw the badge of a German General, his heart very suddenly began to race. The Man opened his eyes, and as soon as he saw this, he darted back to the house, not caring in what his uncle was going to say. However, his uncle could not say anything because as soon as Jeffrey walked into the house, all he saw was his uncles body with a British knife lodged six inches into his back. He burst out crying with confusion and despair in his mind.
    He ran all the way back to the barn, in desperate need of some help, he sat on the bales of hay and cried. He cried with fear. He cried with anger, yet in him, somewhere deep inside, he found the courage to cry with hope. With the determination in his head, and fire in his eyes, he set out to find his Mother. As he left the barn into the pouring rain, he heard a very feeble voice from behind him. He turned around to find the German wounded in his leg. Jeffrey was very scared and didn’t know what he could do. In a very soft voice, his strong German accent made Jeffrey struggle to hear, but he made out what he was saying. “Wait, young boy, I need to talk to.” Jeffrey stopped.
    When talking, Jeffrey and the German wandered down to the nearby river, he threw the gun into it and called a truce. “Your Uncle was a spy you know,” this shocked Jeffrey. “But he was a good man, and he risked his life for your safety.”
    Jeffrey felt a strange feeling that he was loved again. Jeffery said “We’re are the same, not different .” “Wise words youngster, remember them.”

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