Descriptive writing

Buster The Boxer


Watch the video of Buster the Boxer. I hope you enjoy it.

Your task is to write a narrative in the first person as Buster the Boxer. You will tell the story about what happened that night and the next morning. Make sure you get across your thoughts and feelings about watching the other animals, and how it felt when you got your turn on the trampoline that morning. Make sure you edit your work carefully as these will be published, and we will tag Buster the Boxer into these posts, so you may hear back.
Reminder: Please only write your first name when posting your blog.

Some excellent stories have been written about Buster, well done everyone.
Don’t forget to proofread your work to try and improve it, and edit it carefully to check for errors such as sentences not making sense, spelling and punctuation.
Enjoy reading each other’s version of the story.